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School Library, 1.

I aquired about a dime of marijuana, and a little less than an eighth of old shrooms (the pot was old too, actually).

I aquired about a dime of marijuana, and a little less than an eighth of old shrooms (the pot was old too, actually). I got them on a monday night, mixed them together and made tea out of them. I got a ride to school the next day and split the tea in half with him, he took a lot less than me, like he always does, and went off to his class, I went to mine, we had to go to the library today.

About five minutes into class I began to feel it. It was right before we had to got to the library, and as I was looking around I got this feeling of kind of disorientation, evrything was kind of out of focus except for right what I was looking at. This scared the hell out of me because I knew I was only fifteen minutes into the trip, so it could only get worse (better).

My partners realized I was on something when I fell down trying to get into the chair at the library. They were doing the report so I walked on, but this guy in my class was following me whereever I went, he does that, he has no friends. Then I saw a friend who came in from another class, he told the follower to get away, he did.

I talked to him for a little bit and then went into the reading loft, and read a shell silversteen book, then the whole building jumped. I was just sitting up there getting overwhelmed by the light that was coming in, it had volume, you see, and it felt like the whole building just jumped. I got up and looked around and everything was still there, so I went down and sat with some friends from another class.

Now light was looking kind of strange, it looked really hazy, like you could hold it. If people moved real fast you could see tracers, and if I looked at textures (like the table) they kind of moved/vibrated it was pretty cool. But I laughed at everything, and everything was funny (probably the pots work). I must have been like that for an hour and a half, my class was on the other side of the library and I was hiding from my teacher. it wore off about an hour later, then I was completely normal, except kind of depressed.

So anyways I'm getting an eighth tommorrow, twenty bucks, I think I might ditch and go see a movie, and maybe I'll try the whole eighth.

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