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Scared Shittless

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I'd been contemplating doing shrooms for a while now...i always told myself that i would never do any other drug cept weed, but after my best friend told me bout his trip, i was convinced that this experience would enhance my view on life, and my innerself...aight, it was saturday night. my friend and i had decided to pick up some shrooms off a friend of mine from work. but when we got it, we realized that it wasnt gonna be enough for the both of us, so we decided to pick up some hydro as well. we were at his home it was around 830pm. we had jus rolled a joint, and decided to go for a stroll around his neighbourhood. we got to this local park, and lit that fucker up. let me tell you man, it was some good shit. we were blitzed, myself more than him, but he was gonzo too. so we decided to walk home so i could drop the shrooms ( like i said there wasnt enough for tha both of us, so i decided to be greedy and took it alone...with his consent of course.) well i took it, and let me tell you it tasted like dog shit. i asked him how long it would take to hit me...he daid anywhere between half an hours, and 45 mins. so we waited...at this point i was really anxious and nervous at the same time, but i was so high of tha finner we jus smoked that i felt really good. i couldnt stop laughing...over stupid things ya know? anyways, an hour and a half passed, and nuthin happened...he told me that if it didnt hit me then, nuthin would happen...mind you, i only dropped a gram, so he said that i would probably need a larger dose. i was disappointed to say the least. i felt ripped off...so then we decided to go out for another walk, and smoke the rest of tha 20 we had bought earlier. im telling you man, this joint was huge...it looked like one of those cheech and chong motherfuckers...we looked at ourselves and said, "we're gonna get so fucked!" so anyways, we get to tha park, sit on this bench, and light that bitch up...we were about 3/4 of the way through tha spliff, when we noticed a cop behind us on patrol...i was all paranoid of tha weed that i was about to take off, but he told me to be cool...so we kept smoking...we were really fuckin loud...he turned to me man, and said, "we're really loud, i bet you everyone can hear us". i was like "geeevin!"...and then the shrooms hit me. he was sitting on the table of this picnic bench, and i was sittin on the seats, and i turned to look at him. tha muthafucker looked like a gargoyle, perched on top of a building...it really freaked me out...then i turned and started lookin at this building...it seemed to be coming closer..but when i turned away, it went back to it original postion. i kept thiking and sayin, "those are some sneakiy buildings son". and then, Whamo! i remember talkin to my friend, and all of a sudden it was like i teleported to another dimension. then i turned to him and i was back...at this point i knew i was fucked, but i didnt, ya know? he told me to come take a walk with him, but i couldnt. i said i cant, but after a couple of minutes we started walking...this is where my real experience began...we were walking towards the path that led to his home when i suddenly started feeling really alone, really scared. i got sumthin like tunnel vision...i could hear my friend, but it was like i was underwater, i couldnt make out his words, we were distant, like separated by an unknown force. i would feel this only when i was lookin forward, but when i turned to him, i would come back to reality...it was scary man...i felt so alone...i kept bumping into him, jus to make sure i was safe, he was like my lifepreserver to the real world. at one point i turned to him and grabbed his arm, and told him to stay close, to not walk away, to not leave me alone...man, i dont remember being that scared...so we kept walkin, and i kept zoning out, and coming back...he would ask me what i was feeling, and all i could give him were one word answers...he was blitzed too, and kept tellin me that it felt like we were talkin in code, like every word that came from my mouth had deep meaning. at one point i was gonna break down and cry, but i stopped myself. when we got to his house again (it felt like we walked for hours, but in reality it was like 15 mins) all i felt was relief. i was so happy to be in a familiar place. we went down to his basement and sat down on tha couch. he looked like he was gonna pass out, but i was wide awake man. we decided to listen to some music...he put on some pink floyd, and i could really feel the music...i felt good at this point...relaxed, calm, happy. after a couple of songs he put in some hendrix, he told me this was tripping out music. tha music felt good, sounded good...while i was lying on the couch i looked up at the light on the ceiling...i felt warm, comfortable, like i was lying on a beach, catching some rays...it was the best part of the whole experience...he told me he could feel it too, and i was relieved that he was having a good time too...he shut off the music man, and asked me if i wanted to watch some t.v...i said sure, i wanna experience t.v....then something really trippy happened...my friends dad walked into the room. he asked me for a cigarette, but at first i couldnt understand him, i felt really uncomfortable...he's a nice man and all, but if you dont know him, he can really trip you out. he kept smoking beside me, and i jus kept thinking, i hope he doesnt talk to me, i hope he doesnt think im on drugs, please go away!...after a couple of minutes he left, and i felt relieved to say the least. at this point i really had to go to the bathroom, so i willed myself up, and headed for the john...when i was takin my piss i had a weird feeling that i was gonna fall into the toilet, and nobody would ever find me again...when i finally came out, it felt like i was in there for hours. i sat back down, watched some more t.v. and it seemed like the picture was popping out...it was all wavy, and seemed unreal, but i went away after a few minutes...it must have been a good couple of hours, when i finally reality hit me again...i felt good, but i knew my trip was over. i kept tellin my friend that i discovered a lot about myself that night. that my greatest fear in life is being alone, that i was really scared of his neighbourhood, and that shrooms were not for me cuz i need a certain feeling of self control all the time. all in all it was a good experience for me, i dont know if i'll do it again, but if i do it will not be alone. i think my nervousness, and fear of a bad trip really put the fear into me, but after a night of no sleep, and constant thinking i realized that i made the right decision in experiencing this new view of reality.

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