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at 430 pm me and 5 friends got 3 1/8's of supposedly good shrooms for $35 a 1/8.. some of us ate the shrooms straight and some dipped them in peanut butter which was supposed to dull the shitty taste...it tasted like nothing ...i ate them straight and to me it washed down fine w/ a dr pepper. after about 15 minutes we all got a funny feeling...some of my friends compared the feeling to e. after about a 1/2 an hour we were all a tad disoriented. nothing crazy, just a little more gitty than usual....we decided we would take a nature walk and find a cool place to chill.. we started out and everything looked a little funny, it seemed that when u looked at something it would zoom in and you would end up staring at it for a few minutes...we all had to piss and shit so we went back to our dorms before we set out. we decided to go to the lake .. we set out everyoe laughing and walking slowly...everyone seemed especially talkative... when we got to the path the trees bugged us all out, they were huge, complex confusing things. when we finally made it to the lake ...2 of us had puked a lil from unsettling sotmache pains.. everyone was just fucked up...we wlaked and walked and walked...we finally made it to this tree that was seemingly huge...we all sat around it and talked aobut life...every 5 mins someone would go in the field and sit by themsellves and then they'd come back and another would leave...it was very strange.....at this point i started to examine what was wrong w/ my life... we then decided to go to the dining hall...this was a bad idea....we tried crossing the street but it ook a good 10 mins to cross because i was so scared of the cars. one friend got lost in the bathroom of the dining hall....after that we decided we were to trashed to be in the open cuase we were stumbling too much..... we got on the bus.....it was crazy ...we were all stumbling around.....we went back to a dorm and chilled ...(oh yeah our 2 phrases for the night were "yarn" cause it was just a funny word and when i asked my frined what he would say to his parents he said " dont study me". we wnet back to the dorm and sat ...it was very weird and the trippy computer screen kept us occupied....we were tripping hard all of us...we all saw what was wrong w/ our life, ways to fix it, and then why r we thinking aobut this were too fucked up......i started to come down at about 1030 that night......i was just like what the fuck.....at aobut 3 after thinking aobut what happened that night,i smoked a bowl cause i knew it was the only thing that would put me to sleep that night....this was my 3rd time doing mushrooms but the only other ones i had were in amsterdam....they were just straight fun and no bad tohughts at all.....i want to do shrooms again cause it was verymind stimulating while fun but im a lil scared.....

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