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Rubbery First Time

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I have been interested in doing shrooms since I moved out on my own, which has been about a year ago. I finally got the nerve up to buy some spores and supplies and grow my own, I wasn't about to eat something from cow shit. When I finally saw saw shrooms peeping up, I couldn't wait and picked a handful of relatively small shrooms. And by small I mean small, there were only about 3/4 inch tall and not very thick. I gave all except three to my Friend's husband. They had to go home about 10 minutes after he ate them though. later I called and asked how he was doing, and found out they had no affect on him.

I was a little dismayed, but I still ate the remaining three. I then started watching a movie with my roomie. About 20 minutes after I had eaten the shrooms I felt EXTREMELY stoned, although I hadn't smoked any weed. Everything was swimming in front of me and my skin went numb... I felt like it was just a rubber casing over my soul... then it felt something cold was running through my veins, and since I'm a hot-natured person it felt really good. Also, all the colors around me were so intense and I could hear really well.

My roomie has a poster above her TV that has a 50's cartoon looking guy holding a pipe and it says "Marijuaha! Hey at least it ain't crack!" and I'm pretty sure I talked to him via telepathy, but I think all he said was "I'm so happy" I was also able to keep up with the movie, cuz I felt like I'de look away from the TV for eternities and I'de look back and only a few seconds had gone by.

I was really tired so I got up to go bed and when I was going pee, I looked down at the lines in the carpet, they were moving and morphing into different patterns. I then went to sleep and when I closed my eyes, it looked like viewing bacteria through a microscope. I feel asleep very easy and sleep really well,and awoke the next morning happy.

There are about 20 large shrooms growing right now, waiting on Thursday night to get here. I plan on eating 6-8 large shrooms and going on an awesome trip!

I'll tell ya'll about it later!

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