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Rooms with Moods?

So my mushroom junkie friend convinced me to eat a couple grams of shrooms in the last half hour of my detention in school.

So my mushroom junkie friend convinced me to eat a couple grams of shrooms in the last half hour of my detention in school. I was very excited, and I split the eighth I got with him because this would be my first trip. Knowing this was going to be a threshold experience, I didn't expect much. In the first 30 minutes of eating the shrooms a bathroom stall with my friend I didn't notice anything but excitement. I wasn't sure if it was just the lighting, but the ceiling became slightly hazy and foggy at the end of the detention. The fog disappeared when I tried to look at it directly however. After the detention I went to a friend's house with a group of people I had just recently met about a month ago after moving into town. One of them was my mushroom junkie friend who reported that his feet felt like they were melting, only in a very positive way. The slight rain produced an interesting sensation on the skin and everything in the world seemed to be uplifted slightly somehow. We got to my friend's house and I had a cigarette. It was just about now that I started to feel quite stoned. Almost immediately I thought things were quite hilarious, considering the fact that two kids in the group of five sitting on the front porch of a house which is in very plain view of everyone going by on the traffic filled road, were infarct tripping on mushrooms. I thought of the things the people going by must have thought. I went inside for more confusing fun with 1 tripping kid and 4 sober kids. It is totally more fun to trip with other people who are tripping than with sober people. Rooms began to take on moods, a kind of general vibe that came with the hint of a color. Music just didn't make any sense and didn't sound like music at all. The dishwasher was very interesting and made very cool noises from what seemed another planet. I went home a few short hours later with my parents who may or may not have known I was tripping. I didn't care in the least, accept sitting in the car with my dog in my lap, I felt my arm go through my dog's paw into my own leg. Quite strange indeed with your father next to you. I also probably said "wow" a few too many times quietly to myself for his liking. I then talked on AIM with my friends about love, relationships with people, God, spirituality, and being. It was a very moving emotional state for just a threshold experience. I felt I may never be the same again after this trip, which was a good thing I thought. Unfortunately when I woke up it all felt like a distant dream, which made me quite sad. I cannot wait until my next trip! Shroomery.org rocks!

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