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ripped out of it

this was my second time doing shrooms.

this was my second time doing shrooms. bought a quarter for me and my buddy brent for 60 bucks (which sucks on hind sight). i haven't done it in a long time so i was excited to get going.

first of all, he said he was at my friend andrew's house which is a ways away, but a good place to trip. i drive out there after i get off work at midnight excited as hell. i get there... no brent. i call him and hes at his house. SHIT! i fly out to his house.

i get there and quickly make a pb&s sandwich and scarf it down. brent and 2 other buddies were watching the 25th hour (good film with edward norton in it) so i watched to the end of that. we went out and smoked some mids a few times. after the movie i started to feel a good buzz.

we decide to put in lord of the rings and listen to dark side of the moon to see what would happen. right when the new line pictures symbol came up the cd kicked in, the music then went right along with the movie for nearly the whole movie (at least what we watched).

we went out to smoke some pot after about an hour of the movie. i was talking my ass off and brent was just kind of laughing. we tried to explain what we were feeling to each other, but we were in two different places. after the bowl we decided to take a walk.

we went in and put on some shoes rather than sandals and i grabbed his guitar. we walked down his driveway and i played guitar the best i could without having a strap or any skill on guitar. the stars were out so i starred at those for a long time. we walked to the end of the driveway and he said he wanted to go back... some journey. so i walk back slowly and enjoy the woods.

we went back in and played with tripping a little more then started watching lotr again. i had gotten up at 6 o'clock that morning so i was kind of tired but awake. then i started tripping good. i felt sucked into the movie. i was completely tranced, then i heard "dude are you passing out?"

this completely ripped me out of tripping. i felt myself leave the trip in stages that went by fast, but i would have awakened much faster if i wasnt tripping. i sat up and said i need to pass out. i stood up and felt a gross, cold sweat pour from my body as i crashed onto his couch. he continued to try to talk to me but i ignored him. i woke up the next morning feeling fine with a stinky ass shirt.

the trip wasn't to bad, but i wish he didn't take me out of it so hard. i'm not sure what level i got to, but level 1 or 2 sounds right. lesson= next time, buy cheeper shrooms ;)

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