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revelations 2005

Intro: Hi i'm tom, i'm 18 and this is my 3rd time takin shrooms but my first time having a significant experience with them.

Intro: Hi i'm tom, i'm 18 and this is my 3rd time takin shrooms but my first time having a significant experience with them.

Setting: University Campus

People: Me, Lee, Ros, Rosie and Furly.

A bunch of our friends had bought a big bag of shrooms from town but i have no idea how many were in there.
Apparently they took them the night before we did and had a really bad trip so they wanted to get rid of the rest.

I knew they were inexperienced and they had no idea what a trip was so it must have fucked themm up. Anyway lee bought the rest from them and later on that evening we shared them out with the other people apart from furly who was being 'mother'.

After munching on the shrooms at about 7:30 we decided to watch futurama until they kicked in. I started to feel really weird and a bit drunk after about the 2nd episode and after the third we turned it off and talked.

I sat staring at the wall opposite the tv because it had lots of colourful posters and flags on it which looked really interesting even tho there was no hallucination.

Then i looked at the carpet which began breathing and bulging in different places. I told the other guys what I could see and they all saw the same thing. The carpet then began to grow and an intense old-fashioned geometrical floral pattern started to emerge in it. The guys saw this too.

We all then felt the need to go for a walk. The campus we live in is very modern and is surrounded by field. We took a grvel path behind the buildings. It felt like a really cool adventure to me and everyone was talking as if we were children playing. We then got to a childrens playground with swings, slides and a fort.

We all started swinging on the swings and telling each other how weird we all felt. The stars in the sky looked really vivid and colourful. lee said he could see lines connecting the stars into a spider web shape. I felt like I could see distance between the stars more 3-dimensionly than usual which looked awesome.

We then ran around the field for a while and played on the toys and went inside the fort. It really did feel like we were kids again.

After we decided to go inside again we sat around and smoked some pot and talked. At this point Lee asked for the time. it was 9:30. "9:30!?!?!" he said "it's gotta be like 1 in the morning!". But i was telling the truth.

Eventually everyone went home except for lee who lives in my house. we sat in the kitchen talking about philosophy for about 2 hours and we had a revelation that we knew the meaning of life.

We knew that everyone is the same consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. When you die you simply return to the consciousness and your experience is remembered by it. This allows for evolution to take place.
When the end of the universe occurs the 'big crunch' happens and another 'big bang' occurs and the whole process begins again. This happens over and over until people evolve and figure out how to use the rest of our brains. When this is complete we will reach perfection and nirvana will occur. This felt amazing as we knew that nirvana is inevitable.

This was a very life changing experience even tho it was a small trip. We plan to do this again together but take slightly more next time....

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