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After I had been in the forest with Tonnie, Marty and I wanted to trip again.

After I had been in the forest with Tonnie, Marty and I wanted to trip again. Only now we would handle the situation differently. It was our intention to record everything (by using a taperecorder) we would say. So the day before we planned the trip we had placed ready the microphones and other necessary equipment like our painting stuff for the available opportunity that we would like to paint while our trip. The main intention of our trip was to discover something in relation with our own identity for our project on school called 'Ikke' which means 'Me'. Our assignment from school was to make a production about ourselves. It was my idea to involve the use of shrooms. It was ok with Marty to create some nice ideas by using paddo's for our project. With this in the back of our minds we went sleeping which turned out not to be very relaxing for me (the next day we would not eat until 11.00 a.m.). When I was present at Marty's his parents were still there, so we had to wait until they went gone. They went gone at 12.00 a.m. and we started right away to eat our delecious shrooms. After we ate them it was just a matter of waiting while we listened some music. They started to work after approximately half an our. At that point Marty was already being busy with painting. I was listening to the music and did not really feel like making a painting too (everything was being recorded). When the paddo's began to have a real impact I decided to paint too. I prepared my fingers and the ritual to engage drawing. I choose the right colo(u)r when everything was prepared properly and zoomed in to the A3 at a 5cm' distance (I worked with crayons) and started making scratches (It felt very nice to do that) on the paper. After a while of scratching pricesly without knowing what it had to propose I picked another color and went on. The process of drawing went on for quite some time until I suddenly looked at the crayons' top. What the fuck!(excuse me for using this kind of language) it seemed that there where moving hairs on the top of the crayon. I checked out my eyes, to look if they were still allright and looked again. Indeed, hairs on that very top. Cool ! But when I wanted to continue my drawing I saw that I had made some kind of little man. And the very same hairs were coming out of him too. It was living! I created a living person by using only my crayon. How cool. I felt right away a kind of love for the little man and I knew I had to make a friend for him. But before I went on drawing I showed it first to Marty. He did not see the hairs, but what he did see was the little man. Even Marty stopped drawing and he seemed being busy with his fantasy, which made me clear there was no room for a conversation. After that distraction I continued drawing that friend for my creation. By this process of switching colors and drawing I became a kind of Bob Ros (personality). I do not know if this name is familiar to you but Bob Ros is a artist of painting. He always is happy and his way of painting is cool. Anyway I had become Bob Ros and drew my painting happily til a nice end. Besides painting, Marty and I were having a chit-chat about weird stuff (everything has been recorded). I also want to tell you about the fact the all kind of weird stuff occurred to us while we were drawing. I mean that I was still tripping and my picture appeared 3-dimensional to me and it was talking to me! I had a telephatical conversation about all kinds of stuff. The most of it was about what I have been doing throughout my existence (age 18). My past life appeared to me in a audio-visual way so that I was able draw it. So the drawing includes about everything which confronted me in the past eighteen years. After sitting for four hours behind my drawing I decided to quit, and on that point I experienced a feeling of real contentment about the result (psychedelic drawing). Within the drawing also appears a face and a little person, and if you ask me, it just visualized my conversation-mate. After this experience I have been thinking for a long time how it could be possible that there was a face within the drawing. It seems to me that I did not do this on purpose. The trip was vading away after it had reached his maximum (top) and I decided to turn up some relaxing music again (Qi gong). Indeed, I recommend that kind of music. How relaxing! We were sitting on the couch, listening to the music, Marty smoking a cigarette, and me eating some strange peanuts. The cd seemed to turn the whole afternoon through, and the afternoon seemed neverending. After listening the cd a few times, the trip was ending and reality tried to come back to us. We talked a little and I prepared for my exodus, because I still had to perform on a Kung Fu demonstration.

Afterwards, we did not record very much of it (although it was the intention to record it wholly) because we did not say very much of real value. Drawing a picture, I do recommend because I learned very much of it. It also was one of my most relaxing trips which occurred to me. I do not show the drawing on the Internet because it means to much to me and therefore is not to be exposed to the whole of humanity.

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