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Red Rock West

Report: First Trip at Age 41 Dosage: About 1 TSP Dried Mushrooms on an Empty StomachWe hiked for about an hour into the foothills and ate the shrooms in yogurt and continued 10 minutes walk before the trail intersected a large red rock formation.

Report: First Trip at Age 41
Dosage: About 1 TSP Dried Mushrooms on an Empty Stomach

We hiked for about an hour into the foothills and ate the shrooms in yogurt and continued 10 minutes walk before the trail intersected a large red rock formation.

I almost instantly noticed faint nausea and a slight stoned feeling and then within 5 minutes it was like someone took the veil off and I could some how SEE each and every needle in the pine forest. It was like when I was 10 and got my first glasses and suddenly I could see EVERY leaf on the tree across the street from the opticians. The air had a lucent quality.

As we hiked at now T +15 minutes we crossed a small stream which was "enhanced" with the water flow fascinating silvery and complex. At about T + 25 minutes we left the trail and hiked up along the base of the rock formation for several hundred yards before stopping. I noticed a stronger stoned feeling and was somewhat ataxic.

We could see out to the East - and it was very clear - you could see 80 miles even without shrooms. There was this incredible GREEN out there, and over the city I noticed I was very sensitive to motion seeing the motion of cars that I would not otherwise notice and also the heat waves over the city were enhanced.

There was also the rock which was RED - so RED. There was a view of the side of the RED rock and the GREEN plains that was just astounding. In front of me there was a "witch tree" whose leaves had not come out with incredible complexity of branching form, and dead plants matted on the ground in front of me that formed patterns and that breathed slightly. This is now about T +90.

At about T + 120 there were chill winds and clouds and we moved further up along the base of the rock on the way seeing this astounding place where this water seep was flowing over the surface of the rock into pools like a Japanese Garden.

We stopped on a ledge up on the rock a few feet and the sun came out in full force on and off... I looked deep into a forest and saw GREEN symmetry and at patterns leafless of branches against the BLUE sky and the clouds.

At about T+180 I lay on the rock in the warm sun and looked up at the sky and watched a cloud form, move, morph and evaporate - I could see such DEPTH between the cloud and the higher cirrus and the motion of the vapor was... it was. I thought that evaporating just like that cloud would be the best way to die --- when my time comes. At the same time with my head against the upsloping rock my vision was surrounded by the curve of the RED rock slab - I was fully aware of ALL of my vision all the way out to the edges.

After this I saw this 4 inch diameter damp pocket in the rock and inside was this perfect perfect still life with green algae against the RED rock and a long pine needle and short ones, lucent shining colored grains of quartz, a piece of moss that waits for water. It was a microcosm. I realized the depth and complexity is everywhere and unfathomable. At every level and scale there is beauty.

There were also these astounding medium scale patterns in the RED rock...

I saw many other perfect aesthetic compositions which felt very "Japanese" to me.

At about T +240 the effects gradually started to moderate. Walking, I noticed the ataxia was almost gone even though perception was still widely abnormal if less so.

During the trip I used binoculars from time to time, and found this most excellent for focusing in on particular areas. When using them I noticed that the part of my eye not against the lens at the periphery again was fully active - that is I equally saw both THROUGH the binocs and AROUND them. I recommend binoculars. A magnifying lens was less interesting.

As we hiked down and things moderated more I realized that I could not tell exactly when I was "normal" again - that there was no definite boundary. On the way down I saw some swarming ants which is my only great phobia - I was able to look at them quite close up with no anxiety at all...

When I arrived home (T +420), I made my only mistake - I had some coffee which I believe added to the stimulating effect from the shrooms, which I did not realize was still going on because I felt rather tired at that point. But I think this contributed to sleeping poorly that night.

I was slightly "hung over" the next day but since then have been feeling particularly good (T + 4 days now).

My overall impression was that shrooms are a "beauty enhancer"!

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