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really pissed off

First off I am a very amatuer shroom tripper.

First off I am a very amatuer shroom tripper. This was my second shroom trip, about 3 weeks after my first trip. I am experinced with pot however, and i beleive that i am a very strong-minded person. I drank about 6-7 beers the night before and smoked about 2 pretty good sized bowls, which may have contributed to the anger i had in my trip. Origionally i had planned to split 1/8 oz with one of my other friends who only drinks but i called him at about 11:30 (we had planned to take them at noon) and he said he didnt want to do them.
I said alright and dan, a friend who was with me at the time suggested that i make a shroom amulet and eat them in that. I did, even though i have heard that eating might reduce the intensity of the trip. My other friend, tim, came over about 5 minutes later. I felt pretty good at this point, and i called a person for some pot. We went over to this park across the street to wait for the pot and just chill when i started to notice the first effects (about 30 minutes after i took the shrooms). I was seeing things out of the corner my eye, a stop sign wobbled a little bit and i was intrigued by the ground somehow.
We called my friend josh because he had just bought a nice bong and i felt like taking a few hits off it, even though the weed wasent there yet. It had been about an hour since i called for pot, and it usually only takes about 10 minutes so i was getting pissed off, and its not in my natuire to get pissed off that easily. I go back in my house to call him again but he didnt answer the phone. This really pissed me off, and in my anger i fell while i was jumping my fence (the gate on one side is broken so that if you want to leave the yard you have to go through the house or jump the fence) and i had a 4" buise on my hip and my ankle was swollen on my left side. This elevated my anger even more, and i can honestly say that i am almost never this angry. Finally my pot comes and by now the ground seems to be a little harder to walk on, like i am walking on a steep slope or something. josh come a few minutes later and i am pretty scatterbrained and confused about what were doing. We head into my room and by now i am very confused about what is going on. I have less visuals while in my room, except when i tried to play guitar the strings seemd so perfectly straight, it was bizarre. Later on in the trip i looked at the frets and them seemd to all be crooked.
My friends decide to smoke some pot in my room and i said no at first but they convinced me that we should. I was pretty pissed off that they did that when i said no at first, so i took a hit to help calm my nerves. They want to smoke more pot, but i said not in my room and we should go to this bluff place near my house. I dont remember walking there, but there was a good view that i was grooving to for awhile with a few small hallucinations. I take one more hit and this put me over the edge and started to really trip, but i was still extremely pissed off. Dan was bugging me about some shit and just said shut up and he wouldent let it go so i just tell him to fuck off and i got sit by this bush, looking at all the limbs on it.
They want to smoke more but i just leave and head back to my house, all pissed off and tripping on shrooms. When i got home i tried to sleep for a few minutes to calm down but that dosent work and i start to fell very nauchious. I got to the bathroom and just sit by the toilet for about a half hour and then get in the shower. by this time i am seeing patterns falshing acroos my eyes of oddly colored bubbles and circles and as soon as i finish my shower i say to myself, I need to calm down and save the rest of the trip. So i try my best to be happy but dan keeps bringing up shit and acting like he knows everything and suddenly i get this loathing feeling that i rarely get for people.
Finally i just tell all of them they just need to leave because they're all pissing me off and i could care less if half of them drop dead, so they left. I feel a little better but i am starting to fell nauchious again but i want to get out so i decise to go mountain biking. i leave the house and see one of my other friends named gram walking down the street. I say hi to him but im still trippin so i start talking about crap that dosent make sence and things are bending and waving so i say bye and leave, leaving him pretty confused. Talking to him really cheered me up though, and the rest of the trip had a subtle happiness to it, kind of like your first kiss kind of thing. I was also in the best shape of my life (im a varsity x-country runner in one of the best leagues in the country) so i am going insane ripping up the trails. I get to this one spot and just chill and lie in the grass, and just sit and think of everything. The world seemed so simple then, and i thought of my life and the situations i was in. I then had the epithany that i needed to stop smoking so much pot in this stage of my life, and concentrate on things that really are making a difference later on in my life.
Recently i have been feeling pretty weird and occasionally (about 3-5 times a day) my vision gets all blurry and my mind just starts going at 150% and it feels like im on shrooms again for about a minute or two.
Do you think that i could have done anyhing better to make my trip better because the only part of that trip i really enjoyed was then ending when i was by myself to think. Also, i really hope i havent damaged my brain psychologically somehow, but i may just need to take a break for awhile.

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