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really a 2.5

i just tried them for the first time a week ago and wow, the best feeling ever.

i just tried them for the first time a week ago and wow, the best feeling ever. it was up at a friend of mines college(in north NJ).At first i had an intense body high similiar to ecstacy and weed combination, but then as i left the dorm bright coloers and lil swirls in the ground and the snow on the ground was quite interesting. I began to think a million thoughts and lose the thoughts so quickly thereafter i had no clue what was going on.From the droms we walked through the woods next to the campus( the trees were very comforting) and then we got to these cliffs which looked out onto the city i felt like i could see everything the buildings and lights were making me forget the whole world around me. i was tripping with 6 others, 1 who was my best friends others i had met only a week ago, so it was slightly weird i felt as though i couldnt always speak my mind because i was tripping like much harder than them i thought.well after awhile the people who didn't shroom had to get us to walk back to the dorm. from there we just listened to music in one room( and looked at the ceiling) and in the other played super smash bros ( yeah i couldnt even try pplaying that i was still so lost. well all in all an amazing experience

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