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Ravin Good Night

Ok, well the night started off.

Ok, well the night started off. My firend Cassie and I picked up 6 grams of Shrooms. We got them from this guy at my school, who lets say isnt the most trust worthy person. But i got them anyways. Well the last couple of times i did them i got stomach rot, and threw up, but i was also alone, and i thought it was because i had a bad trip. Well anyways we had bought tickets to go to a rave, which on the flyer said it started at 8:00. so we decided to eat the mush at 7:00. So on schedual we ate our shrooms, Csssie and I both had 2 each and she left the last 2 g's at home. So we went into the Mountain Equipment Co-op, and had some fun in there until the party started. So after that we walked ovre the the Club where it was being held. Just before they opened the doors i strted freaking out thinking I was gunna puke, and no one would pay attention to me, so i started to gag, and this Girl came up to me and helped me out, she told me it was just the drugs and i wasnt gunna throw up (which i didnt). So they FINALLY opened the doors at about 8:15, only to find out that all the flyers were printed wrong, and it actually started at 9:00. So we were forced to sit in this little tiny entrace hall for 45 minutes, and that wherei had my peak. I was so confused i didnt even know where i was. So time went by VERY quickly, and we got into the party. IT was really cool, the decorations were kickin, and they had laser shows. So as the night progressed many wonderful things happed including a glow stick exploding in my eye, and my friend getting hit by the flame throwers, flaming Sticks. But all in all it was a great night (except for the crazy hallway of death). Hope to do it again somtime, but not at a rave. HAve a fun shrooming experience

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