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Rave and 7-11


Alright...it was my frist trip, and my first ever drug use. We were on our way to a rave, and I popped about two grams. The taste wasn't that bad at first...swallowed them with a little water, all was fine. Meanwhile, all my friends were just getting high on some E.

I was hoping I'd get to see some dancing elves or something, maybe talking vegetables...I don't know. About 15 minutes later my eyelids started getting heavy, and for some reason the 6:00 news was really funny. I couldn't stop giggling. This went on for about and hour, non-stop giggling over anything and everything.

Then we left for the rave. Need food. Head off to 7-11. We get out of the car, and I start questioning my friends about trains. If we got hit by one it would really suck. So, anyway, we go into 7-11...I gotta be cool. Can't let anyone know I'm high. I walk through the door, and down this cooridoor. It goes on forever, I keep going, and the floor starts to dance. It's funny. I giggle. I load up with food, all the while trying not to laugh too hard. I get too the counter, and very straigh-faced tell the guy that I think his job would royally suck. Walk out and drop my change. Don't care. Keep going.

ON the ride to the rave I feel like I'm flying. Music is blaring and I see kalideoscope type pictures instead of the road. Thank God I'm not driving. We take a turn and I swear the car does a 580. scary.

We get to the site and park. Rave hasn't started yet. I look out the window and see a pawnshop, but I can't read what the signs say. Looks kinda like a building in an old western. Man, would it ever be funny if a chihuaua walked out of that building...especially if it was carrying a parasol. i laugh about that for about 30 min. Fetticini Alfredo would be really good right about now.

We go into the rave. I dance for a while. There is this guy in a purple shirt...he really scares me. And dancing in front of me is a little girl...maybe 11 years old. I want to hug her and feed her chicken soup. I have to go to the bathroom...the toilet paper dances.

Time for another trip to 7-11. More food. Man, an Mars bar would rule. But what if aliens live in the mars bar. OH, no, that's stupid.

Back to the rave. Lots of people there. Some of them probably had milk to drink today. Gotta have calcium. I wish I had a chihuaua...I would probably name it Lucille.

The rest of the night is kinda a blur. I do remember, trying to sleep in the van, and losing half of my mars bar.

Over all the trip was good. Will do mushrooms again. Maybe see Lucille. Will not eat Cheezies.

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