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Rainbow lights

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Two friends and I are always on a constant search for better ways to lose ourselves on a whole different level. My friends and I decided to buy some shrooms and see what happens. Oh good God. What a ball tripping experience.

We took them at about 3 in the afternoon. and than somked some pot. Shortly after we decided to throw some discs before the effects started to take place. We walked to a really nice park about 3 blocks from my place and we weren't there too long before the feeling started to kick in. After about an hour, we were unable to function properly and headed home. WE got in my place and turned on the lava lamp and christmas lights. I have a habit of picking out some really great CD's to listen to.

This night proved to be no exception. I put in mostly phish (the best band ever) and my beloved Keller Williams Breathe album. I started keller and, sitting in relative darkness, started to feel my self become someone else. I was having crazy thoughts about anything my mind could think up.

One of my friend has a pair of what look like 3D glasses but they make everything with light look rainbow colored. I slipped them on over my prescription spectacles and started staring at lights.

About this time I got a call on my cell phone. It was another friend inviting us over. I looked at my buddies and told them we were leaving. they wanted to go but there was a very big dilemma,, none of us were fit to drive. We decided to walk the 12 blocks to his house. I put the glasses over my eyes and made a beeline for the door with my friends close behind. The second I stepped outside with the glasses it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. So much beautiful light coming in my direction. I really didn't know if I had gone to heaven or not.

I really don't remember too much else But the feelings I had were by far the best I had had. The high wasn't too visual , unless you count the visions in my head, but the mind high was so unbeleivable. I distinctly remember feeling so overpowered by sheer beauty that I had tears in my eyes.
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