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purple mechanism

It was near light red now , my skin told me it was time to exit tub and bring down my body temperature to a more civilized place.

It was near light red now , my skin told me it was time to exit tub and bring down my body temperature to a more civilized place. trying not to look in the mirror as i make my way into the kitchen where the nuker claims :30 has passed and surgeon sobriety consumes me. it was actually at the vera part on the wall when i caught a glimpse of a fast tracer, momentary pause and another, which sent me into mild laughter, and then blossomed into all out squealing laughter. this is when it all began to come together and the trip began. The music sounded so beautiful and glorious i just sat there , between my speakers, air guitaring and singing for an hour, crying and dancing, hands in the air. then the phone rang and shattered everything, hoping for a familiar voice, my anxiety melts away as i ramble on to an old school buddy, talking seems effortless and intelligent..i am impressed as well as saddend for this trip was not to be the level i was hoping for. better make with what i have and guide this vessel funward. As i end the short conversation my body walks into the bathroom and splendid colors abound, the blues on the gillette shaving cream canister are intriguing and delicious, i kneel down and stare at it, like a child staring at a bee in a flower my face reads wonder, it feels good to to this,i am very happy and content. i then stood up, reached for the light switch and turned it off, then i sat on the damp rug and peered into the darkness. instantly i began to see a series of radiant purple cogs in a complicated networked lump. this was truly incredible and i wanted to see more but i was yearnig for fresh air and walked to my third floor window that overlooks suburbia and the distant downtown on the horizon. when i slid the window aside and gazed out at what was before me i gasped, the trees mindshattering, the scene perfect. i focused on one tree for a long period of time until it began to expand and take on a multidimensional feel and look, it spoke to me in a garbled language,i answered it in mental speech and told it that it was the largest life form in proximity to me, it laughed and an image of the front of my appartment flashed through my mind, my eyes usually glaze over this portion of the building when i drive by it but there are three very large monolithic elm trees, one hundred or so years old, the smaller tree knew this but was completely hidden from the larger trees it's entire life, we shared thoughts for a while more before laying down on the living room floor and floated into a visual abyss. Strange patterns and shapes emerge under my closed eyelids, an image of a glass tunnel glowing as if there were stove elements surrounding it, was spectacular, as was the radio beacon feeling my brain was emitting out to the world, every once in a while i would recieve a signal back and get a mild body jolt that would give me a warm vibraty feeling all through me guttywuts, eerie, wonderfull, oneness. All in all it was everything i could have hoped for in a first trip, a wetting of the toes and a lingering craving for more. there is still about twenty four grams left in the ouncebag that i plan to split with a close friend six days from now at my cabin, Let the good times roll.

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