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Purple Crescent

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I ingested magic mushrooms for the first time last weekend. We ground the mushrooms in a coffee grinder and then tried to chew them as long as we could. The taste wasn't too bad, but I found I really couldn't chew it for a long time. Effects starting coming on in about 25 minutes. My body was slowly filled with an all over buzz, things became quite funny. The other three people tripping with me and I cracked some jokes and we had a good time doing some deep laughing. I felt very close to my trip-mates and hugged one of them, we smiled. I walked outside (daytime) and looked at the fall colors on the trees which were incredibly crisp, clear, and deep. There was every single type of cloud in the sky that day, so it was like living inside an Ansel Adams photograph or a painting. I fed a squirrel some almonds, it was extremely relaxing. It was cold out so I made some tea and it drinking the warm liquid while sitting outside in the cold was unequivacolly satsifying. Dusk began and there was an early moon. The line between the dayside of the moon and the nightside was an amazingly deep purple. I had to stare at it for awhile until I realized that my neighbor might be thinking that I was trying to stare into her window. I did see her light turn off. That made me start laughing. One of my trip mates insisted that it was a good idea to call a friend. This made us all laugh heartily. She began seeing pictures of flowers in the house breathing. I say the floor breath if I stared, but it was very slight. Nothing was scary or disturbing - no loss of motor skills, but I wouldn't drive. There was an all-over feeling of happiness. Effects wore off gradually and comfortably and there was no hangover. We ended our trip by watching Three Kings. Perfect.

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