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Purple All Around

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This was one of my greatest trips to date. It is still fresh in my mind (last night). I dosed 2.5g of EQs and my 4 other friends dosed anywhere from 1.5 to 3g. We all met up at a local elementry school and after some mild confusion popped our mushrooms. We sat down on some rocks and just talked for a while. Some people we know were yelling at us from the school roof (they were smoking some joints up there) so we decided to isolate ourselfs in the middle of a big soccer field.

The field had sections that were fenced off with weak mesh fencing. It was protecting grass that had just been planted. One of my friends suggested that we rip it all up but I told him that mushrooms are one with nature and we should leave it alone. The most we did there was listen to some music (Du Haust live version and Crazy World) and wrecked the mesh fence a little. Anyways, my friend decided to drag us away which ended up being a good idea. One of our buddies wanted to run to his house to get a hoodie so we were waiting outside his complex when a cop rolled up. I didnt think it was going to stop and I had Black Sabbath coming out of some mini-speakers hooked up to my discman. My friends all told me to turn it off and when I looked back the cop started asking if we were in the school. Ofcourse, I had to answer for everybody, and I told him that we were not and we had just came from my house which was down to the left (opposite direction of the school) and we were just waiting for our friend. He left with no problem and before my buddie got back out we saw another cop cruiser and a SUV go down (backup). Anyways, out friend came back out and gave me a quick laugh because he was shaking an apple or something. I guess this is where we all started to come up.

I was a little worried that out buddies got busted on the school roof but I saw my one friend who was there drive by and stop at the light and I talked to him quickly (made him miss the light too) and he said it was all good and to phone him later and then he just ran the red light because nobody was around...I found that pretty funny.

So now we went to another park and we were sitting at some bench listening to more Sabbath and some cat decided to come up to use and then started to circle us. Anways, two other people showed up and then grabbed one person we were with and left to go get some chronic. We walked around for a while and me and my one friend started talking about this old car we saw. He called it a peice of shit and said that the owner didnt take car of it (he specifically said He). So, I said..."maybe its a man who bought it and it going to fix it up...or maybe its a women...or a money...or a hermathriditic monkey that flings its own shit as it drives (this phrase was key to the rest of our trip. My other friend we was listening got a kick out of the hermathroditic monkey. Then went up and stood in the middle of a overpass we have. All the people going underneath us in their cars were looking at us (probably thought we were going to spit on them or something). All that happened here was some really drunk chick was walking up and it was funny to see her stumble around a bunch.

From here we stood around outside my buddies car waiting for them to roll up a doobie (nothing happened) and then we walked to 7-11. The light really kicked us all in and this started the crazy part of our trip. I grabbed a Dads Rootbeer and when I tried to buy it then east-indian clerk really confused me and my friend. He thought we wanted to buy everything together and he tried to charge my friend $0.50 for something that was $0.25. Anyways, he had his way with us all and we left. We tried to buy a lighter but he asked for ID and all this shit. My friend was just going to put money down on the counter and leave but decided not to. We got matches from some guy who started asking my sober-friend what kind of drugs we got up here. It scared me because I thought he might be an undercover cop or something. Our friend said "mostly weed and mushroom but there is a lot of coke in this town" which is very true but not many people of my age that I know do coke its all weed and sometimes mushrooms. Anyways, we walked over to a different local elementry school and my friends smoked the doobie as I swung on a swing. Me and my hermathriditic monkey friend had a good talk about crazy stuff (I was just makeing him laugh) and then soon enough we walked to a different place and chilled.

It was here that I started to look at the ground and see patterns in it moveing around. The sky had a purple haze that fell into the purple trees and the ground looked purple because of it (Purple All Around). We had a notepad and pen and we took turns writing notes. One person wrote "Nothing is everything...everything is nothing" and gave it to me which I still have in my wallet and will serve as a reminder of this trip. I wrote "Dear Whoever You Are...If I ever find you I am going to get my hermathriditc monkey to kick your ass" but I ran out of room on the hermath... parth and ditic was all by itself. Mt friend was telling me it was the "ditic" that was funny and he got a good kick that it was all by itself. My friend drew a dental floss container with a man coming out of it and I recognized that this spawned from a earlier discussion we had about a insta-genie. Anyways, my friend wrote something to me on a leaf that we are going to try and find next time we go back there and soon enough we left and went to a couple places.

We went to some field and my friend light up a roman candle. I told him to shoot it towards my face but dont hit me...that was kinda cool. We went back to the school that it had all started in...about 4.5 - 5 hours ago now and it was about 4:30 in the morning. We chilled there for a solid 45 minutes and the only highlight I have from there is trying to run across the teeter-totters while not realizing my friend was straddling the seat and it flew up and sacked him....YES...that must have hurt! Anyways, I went home and checked something (I thought I had to be at the dentists) and when I found out I was wrong I went back out agian. We chilled in our town (our group had slowly changed from 5 people to 7 to 4) and we did a couple stupid things (my friend sat on the roof of the car and drove somebody drove him around "magic carpet ride" we called it...we hit a shopping cart in his car and some womens expession was friggin priceless). A little after six in the morning we checked out Starbucks and my friends got some Coffee. I had a laught at all the suits that walked in getting their early morning coffee...some of them looked mean and shit and were staring at us...bah...then I went home and my mom had just got up from work and thought that I was pretty crazy staying up all night. Cool...huh?

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