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Puny First Trip

My First Trip - Not what I had hoped for, but.

My First Trip - Not what I had hoped for, but...

I made a lot of reading (on the net and in books) prior to the trip, so I was mentally prepared, and I pretty much knew what I had to expect. Me and a friend were going to sleep over in a nice little cabin in the woods, near a small lake. A very good place, it even had a fireplace, an outhouse, and some firewood we were allowed to use.

I hadn't eaten anything in about 24 hours or so, just to be on the safe side (which was pretty unnecessary, actually). We were sitting outside by the fire, and at about 20.30 I munched approximately 3g of dried cubensis (I think they tasted quite good). My friend was not going to trip, just check on me, so nothing bad would happen. I think it had been more fun if he had been tripping as well.

After half an hour I started feeling a bit warm, and my stomach felt like it was pulsating. I remember feeling my feet getting very hot, and I mentioned something about this to my friend. At 21.40 (my friend was checking his watch, and writing down anything interesting that I did) the roof of the cabin started to look a bit like it was floating around, but only when I looked closely. I also remember thinking that the roof was somehow built into a tree, and the tree couldn't be feeling very well. Then I laid down on my back on the ground and started looking at the tree tops and the clouds. I saw some faces in the clouds, and the tree tops would every now and then stop moving, and melt into a green mass, which was floating down towards me. At one time I was sure that instead of looking up at the sky and the tree tops, I was somehow looking down at them. It didn't feel like I was floating above them, but as if the sky really was everything, and there was no solid ground. Hard to explain...

After another 20 minutes (I think) on the ground, I got up and wandered around and checked things out. I felt kinda weird when walking, and when I entered the cabin it was very dark inside, so I began feeling even stranger. It was like everything was far away. This was very evident when I spoke a little to my friend. It felt a little as if the whole thing was a dream. We had lit candles inside the cabin, and Istarted dipping my fingers in the stearine. It felt kinda cool. Then I looked up and saw my reflection in the window. I had no eyes! But I think this may have been because my face was lit up from below, by the candles only. I hadn't any _real_ hallucinations, so I don't think this was one. I also read a little in a book about shamanism, which I had lying on the table, just to see if I could still read. I could.

I exited the cabin and started walking around aimlessly a little everywhere. I found a rotten (wild) mushroom on the ground, just a messy, greasy thing, really. I dipped my fingers into it, and it felt so weird that I went to ask my friend what I had on my fingers. He didn't know at the time, but it must have been some rotten, slimy mushroom. Looked like vomit, actually. Disgusting. :P

For a while I stood staring at the clouds again, and I remember thinking that "they" were coming for me. I don't know who, but it must have been aliens or something. I wanted them to come down and take me with them, but they never did. :(

I also found a toad crawling around in the darkness behind the cabin, and I picked it up. I have always liked animals. My friend mentioned that I seemed to be seeing very well in the dark. It was after all almost pitch black outside, but I said that I had heard it jumping (he hadn't). I then put the toad back on the ground, and started to walk around aimlessly again.

At about 0.00 I went inside the cabin again and started eating, because I felt very hungry. The weird feelings slowly subsided, and I thought it was over. I felt just as usual again. But... I went outside again after a while, and when I exited the door, I was greeted by a mass of shining objects. All things that were lying on the ground, and was brighter than the ground itself, had started to glow very brightly. Stones, pieces of wood, wild mushrooms, they were all glowing, with a bright white light. I could see a little stone glowing, even though it was far away into the woods. And that rotten, greasy mushroom was glowing brightest of all. Weird.

I went to find the toad again, and I found it in a couple of seconds. It was as if though I could hear it, although it was sitting in the woods behind the cabin, 30 meters from me. I went straight to it, picked it up, and brought it inside the cabin. I watched it crawl around on my sleeping bag for a while, but it was if though I could feel that the toad was very frightened, and decided to bring it back to where I picked it up.

After that, I went inside and took up my walkman, and listened to Aphex Twin. Great stuff, and it sounded even better than usual. After a while, I decided to go to sleep, but I wasn't feeling tired. My friend had already fallen asleep, so there wasn't much to do. I eventually fell asleep, and I don't remember any dreams at all (I usually remember all my dreams). I slept for about 5 hours, and then I couldn't sleep anymore. So I got up (my friend slept several hours longer than me), ate a little, and went outside. I checked the rotten mushroom, and it was still there. Just a slimy mess. :P

I got inside and listened to music while I waited for my friend to get up. We were leaving later that day, and had to clean up the cabin. Lazy bastard! ;) But I let him take his time. Heh. =)

Well, that's about it...

I never got any big hallucinations, just weird feelings and some changes of my vision. I guess it was OK, but It wasn't what I had hoped for. Next time I will eat more, and I will try to trip alone, in a dark room, without any distractions, or something...

- Azazel -

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