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Public Trip

For a long time, my friends and I had been looking forward to trying out psychadelic mushrooms.

For a long time, my friends and I had been looking forward to trying out psychadelic mushrooms. Since many of my friends are complete stoners, it was up to me to organize (and pay for) most of the trip.

The day came (febuary vacation 2004) for us to try out the mushrooms for the first time. None of us ate anything that day for fear of runing our trip. We had intended on tripping in the woods, but the woods were small and surrounded by houses and we couldnt find them, so we decided to walk the streets of our city outside Boston for a good spot to eat.

After walking the streets for a while, we decided that nobody would arrest us for eating something as long as they didnt see what it was, so we began munching on them without anything to hide the taste. They tasted unpleasant, but not nearly so nasty as I had heard.

We kept walking the streets aimlessly. None of us felt particularly different other than a gassy feeling in our stomachs. We sat on a large rock in a secluded park by the road and talked about how dissappointed we were that we hadn't tripped.

After a while, a cop pulled up by the road, fearing we might jump off the rock, so we left the park and walked down a hill. On our way down the hill, we began to start coming up on our trip. We passed by our large school, and decided to walk around it's fields.

We all reached the fields. None of us noticed that we were tripping yet however. One of my friends mentioned that the field seemed as if it was somehow like a part of the Resident Evil games. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I just decided to play along and pretended I had a gun in my hand and I charged the field. All my friends followed suit, though apparently they had all taken him seriously and were very afraid to walk on the field.

It was cold out, so many large puddles of ice dotted the field, some clean and others muddy. I began examining the puddles and found them to be extremely profound. I went on babbling about the beauty of the icy puddles to my friends for minutes. I remember looking up and seeing that the field stretched on forever.

The large field ended abruptly with a parking lot and we somehow reached the lot after a while. The lot had trees lining it's sides. I looked at one tree and my heart dropped. The tree to me represented pure evil. The way it was shaped looked evil to me. I was now totally freaked out by the tree. We left that area at my urging.

We walked into a nearby KFC. As one of my friends walked in, he fell backwards against the entry door, taken aback by the bright colors of the store. My friends had to catch him or he would have fallen on his ass. We began making lots of noise and laughing histerically, but not ordering anything to eat. The cashiers were looking at eachother and either frouning or laughing. Many customers left the store abruptly, keeping their heads down to avoid our gazes. We saw two girls outside who were our friends and decided to say hi.

We told them we were on mushrooms, they were on pills at the time. I dont remember what we talked about, but I remember looking at one of the girls and thinking she was beautiful, and then looking at her again a second later and thinking she was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. I looked at one of my friends and it looked like he had a head that stopped abruptly after his eyes. Anyway, we ended up loaning the girls twenty dollars for weed. They walked off and we were left to ourselves.

No sooner had they left then we forgot why we had given them money and ended up chasing them down to get our money back. This happened numerous times, each time they would tell us why they had money, walk off, then we would forget why they had our money and we would again chase after them again.

After chasing them down a few times, we ended up walking back to the field. I thought my trip had ended. I was wrong. As I stared for a second time at the parking lot, the gravel and tar of the lot began to start waving like an ocean. I stared at it longer. The waves began to each move in seperate directions. I stared at it longer. The seperately-moving waves started to shift around my field of vision. It was hypnotizing. It was like a crazy ocean made out of a parking lot.

At this time, we decided to finally get something to eat. We went to a pizza shop and ordered pizza. This is where things started to get hazy. I remember one of the pizza-makers was rolling some dough in front of me. He began to crack up as I ordered my pizza. I hadnt thought I was that obviously tripping. Now, I'm not sure, but I believe that the pizza guy charged me fifteen dollars for our pizza because he knew I was in no situation to notice the overcharge. We spent hours in the pizza place being a nusance. Paying him back for overcharging us before we finally left.

From there we went to a CVS Pharmacy and stared at a box of Peeps Marshmallow Candies whose bright-colored sprinkles appeared to glow. We bought the peeps and ate them at a Starbucks for some reason. Although people at the CVS were whispering to eachother about us looking stoned behind our backs, nobody at the Starbucks seemed to notice. They were all deep in their newspapers and poerty books I guess...

By now it was getting very dark and we decided to walk to my house not far away. As we walked, we began to talk with eachother about current events in our lives and the people we knew. All of us seemed to really commune with eachother and It was a very fullfilling connection we had, much the same feeling as taking a huge dump. We all related to eachother on a high level. We were no longer tripping anymore, but I guess this pleasant feeling of equilibrium was just our crash. We all arrived at my house and shut ourselves up in my room. We continued to talk until all my friends left one by one.

The next day, one of my friends reported having a terrible hangover where he remained indecisive and unable to process thoughts thuroughly. I did not experience such side effects. My friend's inability to make decisions resulted in him shoplifting some chip dip from a stop and shop. He was grounded and kicked out from that store. That sucked. THE END!

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