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PrOpS 2 ShRoOmS

The first time i took shrooms was about 3 days ago,I was at a party at a friends house.

The first time i took shrooms was about 3 days ago,I was at a party at a friends house. I was supposed to D.J the party. Half way threw the party some friends of mine came in blasting threw the room, completly fried off shrooms...They offered me some but i declined because i had to D.J. but after a few beers I decided to give it a try..

I didn't think i would feel anything but before i knew it,I was feeling kinda funny and i was doing really stupid things...My legs felt like jello and I would always be falling on the ground. Everything was just so funny to me, and I couldn't belive what i was feeling after only a gram of shrooms. I went outside with my friends and smoked a doobie. I remember just lying down on somebody's lawn and thinking I was in my bed! All my senses were so alert and going off the wall. After looking up at the sky, I saw the star in a 3 dimensional way and evrything seemed so big. A house on the other side of the street looked like a face and the garage door looked like a mouth that was going to eat me! When we walked back to the party, i thought i was a giant walking on a city....I could not stop talking and saying ridiculous things!

Back at my friends house, i remember not knowing where i was and I though it was my own house...I also believed that my friend Jenny was my mother. Thank God she was there to take care of me, I would of died if she didn't, but trust me shrooms rule!!!!!!!By the way I didn't D.J. after i took the shrooms, i was way to messed up, the only thing i regret is not taking more.....

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