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Prom Night

If I have to put my trip in to a "trip level" I guess it would be two.

If I have to put my trip in to a "trip level" I guess it would be two...I am not the best speller or writer..So Let me say sorry for that now......

It was my senior prom and i had an 8th of shrooms(thats what i was told anyway...I am not sure) Well I hid the bag behind my belt and went in....I ate half the bag in the bathroom.....Even tho everyone says they taste like shit I didnt think they were all that bad. I waited about a half an hour and didnt feel anything...so i ate the rest and went on my way and waited for them to kick in.....I had went in to the Gym where the dance floor was....There had been a rasta band playing....I was diggin it i was dancing and then well shit got weird....I didnt know what to expect i had never taken them b4....But the music did the weirdest thing....it like just keep echoing and like...well i dont really no almost the way musing sounds when you are rolling...Then i got tired of being inside and i wanted to be outside under the tree in the courtyard....But getting there was pone of the hardest things i have ever done....it acttually wasnt that far...it wold have taken like 2 min with all the people in the school to get out to the court yard....it took me or it seemed like it took me alot longer..all time was basically lost to me...but walking thro the group of tightly packed people bugged me out...I got crazy eyes ad started to panic and try to run with no success....I finnaly made it outside to the courtyard where the school let us all smoke....at this point i was really buggin just walknig around really out of it.....so i figured that i couldnt stay and i had to leave....but i wasnt sure how...so i called my friend on a cell phone i really didnt no her at the time but i calld her for some reason....she tried to calm me down but i wouldnt listen...so i hung up and started asking people the most absurd questions....just random strangers about my life.....but the thing was at this point my speech was messed up.....like not slurred but extended....like saying a sentece would be liiiiiiiike thissss ya know whaaaaat i mean....But i couldnt control it...so i called my frined back and old her i have to leave...she agreed to meet me by the school so i huing up again.....now i was in the court yard and i was gonan leave but i didnt no what to do about my date....Just then i had seen a friend of mine and went onver to him to tell him to tell my date i had to leave....at this point I wsounded liek i was all cracked out and shit....his date was this really kind hippy chick who helped me calm down....she was the coolest person i had ever meet in my entire life.....she told me to do what i have to do .....And she made me feel so much better..so i hugged her and i left the prom...(in a tux).so as i am walkin out I see a cop walking in my direction....well lets jsut say i have never been that scared in my life.....but he was just walking by.....but it didnt matter i thought he was there for me....even when i walsked by him away from the school i was still scared...now I had to walk across a dark feild till i got to the street where i was gonna meet that girl......I had seen a rabit run across the feild and i felt alot bettr for some reson..so i finnaily met up with my friend some how......time was weird at that point stuff just merged....then we sarted to wal back to her house...Now i have walked this trip liek a hundered time bnut this time it felt really diffrent and alien.....but then we were at her house...then in her room....I dont remember walkng there or to her room but remember being there......she had goven me a pair of kik wears to wear so i could get out of the tux and some old t shirt...they felt so much better than that damn tux.....( a hundered bux for the tux rental and i hardley wore it)...after that we had a long deep talk about drugs and life and all sorts of stuff...then we were btoh tired and she turend out the lights and she went to sleep.....I was still triping and she had glowey stars on her walls and stuff..so I had fun with them till the trip wore off and i fell asleep....

pardon the holes...I just found this site and this was from last years prom....I havenbt triped of them again...but i plan to when i grow my own.

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