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Poopy Trip

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Hi, I ate the fungus at around noon, a half an eight (I usaully eat quarters to get me going). Me and my friend Tim, who ate them with me, decided to go into the forest and take a little walk. While inside the forest i begain to feel like I was walking around in Vietnam, because it was a humid day and the trees looked jungle like. After a brief walk we stopped and sat down on a small patch of grass and i started to thing that we were inside a giant pin-ball machine and God himself was playing us.
Well, later on we went over to my friends house and sat in his garage and smoked a shit-load of pot and all of the sudden i begain to feel like time had stopped and everyone of the planet was just a pawn that God was moving around at his own free will. It is almost impossable to describe that moment but if you felt it... you wouldn't like it. Later, Tim asked me where i wanted to go and all i could say was "I don't want to go home and see my dogs" so the bastard takes me home and kicks me out of his car (After i split my eight with him). I layed on my front lawn for about an hour before i relized that i probaly looked rediculse to the neighbors so i went in side and took a looonnnggggggg nap... I FEEL ASLEEP ON SHROOMS HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSABLE!!!!!. When i woke up i felt shitty and depressed and that was my trip.

Lessons learned:

--True friends don't exist

--Only eat colorfull, fresh shrooms or you trip will suck

--Don't smoke too much pot on shrooms or it will make you tired.

--the kid

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