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Pool on Shrooms?

Staring dubiously down at about 1.

Staring dubiously down at about 1.3 grams of smallish shrooms I began to question even bothering. Oh well, a nice mild stone could make the evening a little more interesting.

Three of us were splitting four grams. The other member of the group, my cousin, was going to stay sober because he had to do stuff later that night.

Down the hatch, and out to the porch. After about 40 minutes we were pretty bored, so we decided to go to the rose garden near by, just to move around a bit. As soon as I stood up I realized they were beginning to catch. I often get very rubbery when I begin to get high on shrooms, and I actually find it very unpleasent. Usually it goes away in about ten minutes or so.

Upone arriving to the rose garden, we all sat down on a bench. For about half an hour we sat blankly, occasionally muttering to ourselves. We were all starting to catch quite well.

I suddenly remembered my cousin, who was not high, and thought of how bored he must be, so we went back to my house to play my didgereedoo.

When we arrived I found my mother and father had two guests over, and I was way too high by this time to deal with that. So we all marched directly into my room and shut the door.

After another half hour, and one of my friends almost choking to death on coke while we laughed helplessly at his coughing, we decided to go to the pool hall.

This involved travelling the 6 blocks from my residential area, to the downtown core. I knew things were going ary when I saw my first car. A young adult male was at the wheel with his girlfriend in the passenger seat.

For some reason, this was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. From the moment I saw them, to the moment they drove away, I was either giggling or laughing outright. Everyone else was trying to hide their faces or pretend not to know me.

This set off a rather catastrophic alarm system in my head. "If I can't even look at people without laughing at them, I could get in serious trouble". Trying to convince my friends to turn around didn't work, so we comprimised and just sat on a wall.

A *shitty* car pulled up to the interesection closest to us. I guess he's had a bad day, or he was just an ignorant bastard, but he yelled out "SKIDS!".

As soon as the echo of the word fizzled out we all began laughing at him uncontrollably. He then yelled out some more words, which I could not understand at the time, and skidded away as the light turned green.

Over the course of the next hour, with everyone's input, we deduced that his last words were "Just my luck, I always pick on the one guy who knows everyone in this town". I guess our laughing scared him off:)

Off we went to the pool hall. Although I was no longer laughing at everyone I made eye contact with I was still quite high.

Pool on shrooms? Do shrooms inspire an incredible understanding of the game? Or do you hopelessly fail to even hold the cue properly? Unfortunately, the latter appears to be more acurate.

3 pool games tooks us one hour, and that hour was quite distorted. I found that while I was playing I was completely unaware of anything beyond the table, and could therefore not rember which side of the table I was just on. We spent many times searching every pocket for the white ball.

Generally I think people were quite scared off us. It seemed quite obvious that we were hopelessly unable to control outbursts.

After the pool hall we pretty much stabalized and went home.


1. Shrooms don't help you play pool
2. Laughing can defend you when muscels can't
3. Don't judge shrooms by their outward appearence

If you got this far , I hope it was because it was an interesting story, and not just because you were really bored. Thanks for reading:)

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