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please dont read

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our night began with me and two of my friends munching down a quarter of mushrooms out side of our local movie theatre. we went in and sat down in the movie theatre waiting for the shrooms to kick in. the movie started, my friend looks over at me and says we should go eat some more cause he's not feeling anything (this was the friend who had never eaten mushrooms until tonight) i told him to just be patient and it will come eventually. about an hour into the movie my palms started getting really sweaty and i started feeling a mild body high. thats when it hit me...the walls of the movie theatre began to do a wave like motion and both of my friends next to me were saying stuff but i could not take my attention off of my surroundings so i did not understand a word that came out of their mouths. i looked around and saw people everywhere, i heard all these people talking but none of their mouths were moving at all. one of my friends went to the bathroom and when he came back he looked scared but he was still grinning. i knew just by the look on his face that he was for sure in the depths of a mushroom trip. i went to the bathroom and all i noticed was that the walls were a pale white color and they were moving all over the place in that weird waving motion. the floor was a really dark maroon color and i couldnt seem to walk straight. i walked into the stall and starting peeing. the walls were collapsing from the sides and the toilet was doing large circles. when i was leaving the bathroom i glanced up at my eyes only to see solid black pupils. just then a man that i knew walked in to the bathroom and he scared the living shit out of me. i acted like i had never seen him before in my life and i hurried back into the movie theatre and sat down. my heart was racing and i kept having hot/cold flashes. the entire movie theatre seemed to be being sucked down a tube of some sort and the screen was the bottom of the tube. i knew then that we needed to get out of there before we caused a scene. my friends agreed with me so we exited the movie and walked into the lobby to put our coats on. the manager of the movie theatre came out as he heard our loud laughs. he looked at us for a second and noticed we were putting our coats on to leave so he luckily didnt talk to us.
After walking (we had been dropped off at the movies so we had no transportation) a complete circle around the movie theatre we started walking towards the railroad tracks to go smoke some bud and hopefully calm down a little. smoke weed, we did, however; the calm down part didnt happen. every way i looked there seemed to always be a light behind me and i kept dodging an imaginary pole that i had been seeing all night. both of my friends and i kept peering around the corner of this building of some sort we were standing next to cause we kept thinking that people were driving up by us. my friend swears he saw a flashlight, which cause my heartrate to soar through the roof and when i looked over a cop car drove right down the road. being extra horrified with the whole situation, we all thought we would be safer walking around. we started walking south (i think) trying to find a dark path to walk to avoid being seen. by this time i was so tripped out that i had no clue where the hell we were. i have lived in this same town for 15 years and absolutely NOTHING looked familiar. we kept walking and my friend insisted that we take allys instead of main roads cause he was carrying his weed and a pipe and he was feeling extra paranoid. as we walked down the dark ally i heard noises from all around me. dogs were barking, and i saw a cat (that i think was actually real, but neither of my friends saw it) jump off of a dumpster and go sprinting down the dirt path. we were at such a height of intensity that even the slightest sound of someone opening their front door as we walked by would scare us enough to run as fast as we could. after wandering aimlessly for a good half an hour just observing our surroundings, we decided to go over to another one of our friends' house. after another half an hour we finally reached the house. at this time we were wiggin out terribly. we smoke more bud and more bud and more bud until we could not smoke anymore. that when the effects began to fade some. my head started hurting and i began to drag. this was about 1 hour ago, and im laying here in bed now. im sorry if this is typed poorly or it is absolutly retarded, but i just wanted to document my night tonight cause it was a really good trip! p.s. im still a little out of it if you can tell??

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