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Playing with Madness

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Just to give a little backround to my story I am an 18 year old male and life is great. I had always wanted to sort of hallucinate to see what it was like but I never really sure I did before.

Recently a chance came up to buy 1/8 of shrooms and I jumped on it. The morning came and my friend and I dosed. I put all my shrooms in a PBJ sandwich and choked them all down ok. About 10 minutes later a third friend who wasnt shrooming at the time came over and offered to smoke us up with some fairly high grade cannibus that he had purchased. In exchange I gave him a few peices of shroom and my friend did also with his share. After the exchange we went to my friends car and proceeded to roll around the back country roads and get amazingly high. I realized I was really messed up and I was starting to question whether it was the weed or the shrooms after only 10 minutes. I felt like this was too soon for me to feel anything and that it was just the high and for me to settle down and not get excited and get used to waiting.

Anyway it all started when we got home. This is when the details start to get blurry. I tried sitting for a while with my friends in the living room but I got hot all of a sudden and my head got all sweaty and I started to get dizzy. I was starting to get worried I would feel all of these feelings and not hallucinate. ( I wasnt yet) SO to pass the time before they kicked in we all three decided to take a walk. When I left my house to take the walk and walk down the sidewalk, it sort of signified my leaving the atmosphere too. I say this because when I was walking and talking I couldnt stop mumbling and my friends would say something and I would understand it WHILE they were saying it but as soon as they were done I would forget what they said and think they said something that totally did not make sense. We eventually made it halfway around the block to my back alleyway that had an old garage in it that had been torn down and the concrete pad it was on was left so we sat on the edge of that and I realized I was hallucinating when I looked down at a rock and thought it was a peanut till I touched it.

After sitting on the pad we made it back inside where I started to get a feeling of drunkeness mixed in. I ended up laughing so hard at something in the kitchen I doubled over and fell on the floor. I realized I finally started peaking when I walked in the living room and looked at the TV and it completely blew my mind how fake it was. The lighting and shadows were so corny on the movie that was on TNT that it looked like a play. Someone on the show was standing against a white wall and the shadows he was casting off were doing all sorts of crazy things. My hearing popped for some reason, or at least I thought I heard a pop and all of a sudden my hearing was 3d like with Marijuana only much much stronger.

I got very hot and decided to head upstairs and look at stuff on the computer. I stopped by the bathroom and everyone says its not that easy to look at yourself in the mirror and I wondered why and did. At first it was ok but I had razor burn on my neck and it turned into pimples which I then saw all over my face. (I have a fairly clear complexion most of the time) I cant remember them actaully appearing but I was so tranced I stared at my hairline and saw my eyes moving around my face. I was freaked out by this so I went into the computer room where I have a huge Pink Floyd poster hanging and I thought it would be cool to look at it. I looked at it and that also blew my mind. The poster seemed as though it stood out against the wall and it started breathing in and out and in and out and continuingly coming at me. I then noticed a small spiral in the center of my field of vision which started to multiply itself and go all over everything I looked at and made all the solid colors started to danced and melt. I went downstairs to tell my friends and I first looked at my friend S who had taken the shrooms with me and saw that his pupils were humongous. While looking at his pupils I noticed his face started to melt. His head started looking oblong and funny and his skin kept swirling. It was definately one of the coolest things I saw in a long long time.

The remainder of the time was me being a kid again. I played in my basement with a box then went out in the pouring rain and looked at rain dripping down the steps outside. I have to say along with the kid feeling I also had continous distractive thought patterns. I would walk into a room and forget why I walked in then walk out and forget why i walked out and walk back in for a totally different reason. Then I would want to do something and get caught up in doing something else repeatedly.

It was hard to distinguish if the shrooms had hit me or not at the start, then all of the sudden once we took the walk I could definately tell I was in the zone. All I can say is there are no words to describe it. It is so fun , it literally turns you into a kid again. I had eaten my shrooms (3.5 grams of dried P. Cubensis) around 11am and looking back I would say I peaked around 3 pm and started to come down around 5.

In closing, the only thing I can say about it is that tripping was nothing like I expected it to be and everything I thought it would be. I know that makes no sense but hopefully someone will understand what im trying to say.

Thanks for reading my gigantic report. Thanks and happy shrooming.

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