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playing cards

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I'm not really sure but I guess I'd rate this somewhere between a 2 and a 3. I got off work at 9 and was going over to my buddy's house to play some poker with a few other guys. Me and my friend from work Kris got to the house around 10 and went in to the garage where we normally play cards at. When I walked in the door Bill (whose house it was) asked me if i wanted any mushroom tea. I was like sure. I ascertained that Chuck and Dave had both drank 2 cups and that Bill had half a cup so I figured on 2 cups ($10 a cup). Fred, the guy who had the tea, said that there was about an eighth of shrooms in every two cups so I chugged the nastiness and sat down and started playing cards. Though I'm not really sure, I'd say about half an hour later I started to get a little buzz kind of like smoking pot. This was my 2nd time doing shrooms, the first time I had half an eighth and got a little buzz but nothing else. Pretty soon after that I noticed that there was no way that I could focus on playing cards (I'm a big guy and I wasn't too sure what the shrooms were going to do to me). Chuck had gone out back to piss and he said something about how cool the trees were so a little while later when I had to go I went out there to check it out. By this time the shrooms had kicked in pretty good so I was ready for some action. It was below freezing outside and really windy and the bare trees were shaking pretty good in the wind. There were trails eminating off of each tiny branch and the sky was sort of orange (it was night so I don't know what that's all about) and the orange was blending into the trails and that had to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It was amazing. I went back inside over the course of however many minutes I started getting more visuals. The walls of the garage had like this swirling energy coming off of it and the green felt from the poker table was doing the same thing. I'd look at the cards in my hand and realize that they meant nothing to me. It was just a maze of red and black and numbers and I had to focus about as much as I could to even play in the game. Everyone kept commenting about me being out of it and I think I pretty much had a smile on my face for the good part of the night. Me and Dave kept looking at each other and laughing because everything that everyone was doing didn't really make any sense. Well, it was about midnight and Fred was leaving so me, Chuck, and Dave each bought another cup and chugged it right before he left. This was when things really started getting weird. Me and Chuck went back outside to piss and look at the trees and I asked him if his hearing was getting strange. He said yeah, that Bill sounded really loud. That wasn't really what I meant when I asked him but when I got back inside the garage I started paying attention to my hearing. It felt enhanced or something listening to the radio and everyone talking. Now I have to say that I've been stressed out the past couple of weeks and that this night wasn't the best for me to be doing psychedelic drugs but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity. I started noticing this really fast beating sound (like a na-na-na-na-na-na). Really fast and over and over again nonstop. So I asked the guys if they heard and they said no so I said I thought maybe it was the refrigerator on the other side of the room. I went over there and that wasn't it so I was like whatever, I'm hearing things. By this time, I'd be asking questions like what game are we playing and what's wild and stuff like that and the answers were making no sense to me. Then I'd talk and I wouldn't even make sense to myself. And this beating noise was annoying the hell out of me so I went outside to see if I could still hear it when I was out of the garage. It followed me wherever I went. So I went back inside and I noticed the radio sounded like stations flipping really fast. It sounded like the deejay, a commercial, and a song were playing all at the same time. This was really wigging me out. I remember saying a few times that I felt like I was in a movie because nothing even seemed real. Chuck was getting ready to leave and he was standing next to me drinking a beer and I kept hearing him say something to me or I felt like he was reaching over to hand me something when really he wasn't doing anything at all. Well Chuck left and by this time it's like 1 in the morning and I started to get used to the beating sound so now it felt weird that the beating sound didn't feel weird anymore. I was a living breathing walking fucked-up paradox and none of it seemed real. Eventually the sound went away and the visuals left and I just had a buzz. By the time we left, all the guys were concerned about me driving but I good to go. On the way back to my house, which is about 7 or 8 minutes away, I remember thinking that the roads looked brighter, more illuminated, and it was lightly snowing and it was just the most beautiful drive I've ever driven. It was like being stoned out of my mind and I was just so happy. I went home and after a couple hours of watching tv went to bed at about 5 o'clock. That felt good to type out. Hope you guys enjoyed.

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