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Piquet Lane

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One day outta the blue, two of my friends came up to me and said, "Yo we're doing shrooms this weekend, you down". Now we had disscussed doing them before, so i knew a little bit about them and i really wanted to try them. So that Friday night we picked up some peanut butter and jelly, got some bread, and some drinks. We went to this summer club we all worked at called Piquet Lane, and since it was winter, we had the keys to everything and no1 was there. We ate them up at about 9. I started to feel a little high, and so did my friends. Then all of the sudden, i started to feel it a little bit. My friend put a cd on and i was amazed. I said, "This music goes with everything right now, its perfect". After a little bit of music, i took a chair and went outside. I was starring into a field and in awe of my visions. The ground was waving like an ocean, the moon was radiant as it conquered the nights sky, and the colors were constantly changing. I looked at a tree, and a giant lizard popped out and looked at me, it immediatly went back into the tree. I wasnt freightned at all. When i closed my eyes, i saw colors swooshing around as if they were in my head. I saw myself from a 3rd person point of view, i was detached from my body. Then something strange happened...i started thinking about my family, and i started crying. The last time i cried was years before, but i couldnt stop crying. I realized i loved them more then anything in the world. My friend came up to me and asked me what was wrong, and i began to start laughing. My emotions continued to change rapidly through-out the night. Next we decided we should clean up our mess, we went to go get a garbage bag from the office, it took us roughly an hour. We got sidetracked because we were peaking. I'll never forget how i felt in that room. My friends faces were distorted, i saw there noses where there ears should be, my friend continuely asked for the time as if his mind was in slow motion. He could not beleive how slow time was passing. I then started to think about the room we were in. It felt like it was a million miles in the air, and nothing was connected to it. I started to think, 'What would it be like if life was like this all the time,how would i know the difference between reality and tripping?'. We eventually returned to the other room with the cd player and continued to listen to music. It was weird, it was almost as if i could see purple lines shooting out from the music. But after a while we decieded it was late and we should go to sleep, i dont remember what i dreamt about, but im sure i enjoyed myself!
I learned alot about myself that night. I heard that Indians used to use Shrooms to find thier animal spirit. I feel i found mine that night, a lizard. An animal that is independent, alone, yet wise in its moves, sleek and stealth like, easily hidden.

Thanx for reading: ~Justin~

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