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This was my first encounter with these magical mushrooms.

This was my first encounter with these magical mushrooms. Two of my friends and I got together for band practice and downed about 1.5g each with some OJ at 8:30. At around 9:15, we were playing "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi, but I couldn't keep the rhythm. I felt like I was really drunk and I would see little sparks out of the corner of my eye. So we put up the instruments and just chilled. Then I looked up at the stucco ceiling and it looked like rivers of lava flowing in every direction at once. Underneath the lava was a pattern that looked like a tablecloth. My friends were starting to feel it at this point, so we enjoyed the ceiling for about 10 min. Then we popped in Pinnochio. The characters on the TV would get real bright and then real dark and start to wiggle around. It was very trippy. There was one scene where Pinnochio took a big hit off this cigar and started seeing things funny (everything wobbling around, not focusing). After I saw that, I looked away from the screen and that's how everything appeared to me. When the movie finished, we were pretty much at the peak, so we turned off all the lights and turned on my friend's kick-ass expensive keyboard. I started playing some psychadelic setting, and any key that I pressed sounded cool. So I just closed my eyes and let the music play itself. I felt like the god of the keyboard. The keyboard master. It's hard to explain, but when I was behind the keys, I was in charge of everything. When I had my eyes closed and I would play high notes, I could see little pink and blue fairies dancing around on the keys. Anyway, as we were coming down, we went outside to smoke a cigarette and the grass felt so awesome on my bare feet. It had rained recently though, so I felt like I was sinking into the mud (I probably was). I got to sleep around 2:00 AM. This was just completely awesome. Can't wait until next time.

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