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I took the shrooms around 7 PM.

I took the shrooms around 7 PM. Me and my friends then
went and played basketball. We then went and picked up a couple of movies. We started walking around and after an hour and a half I started having laughing fits at some pretty stupid things. My friend opened up a cuboard and said "Hey, there's someone in there." I laughed a lot.

We then went to my friends house. We got the movies ready.
(From now on I'll tell you about what happened.) I looked at one of his lights and immediately identified it as an Egyptian scarab beetle and another light was an eye.
I started feeling light. I looked at a pattern on his rug. It turned into a pit. It then turned into one of those Olmec stone statues in a jungle. It then turned into a viper. I closed my eyes and the pattern stuck.

(Off the subject, but throughout the night at various times I saw roosters. One when I closed my eyes, a whole bunch in the "Yellow Submarine", one in a store, and one in my friends house.)

I then went upstairs and looked in the mirror. I changed into an old man. I then changed into a werewolf. It was awesome.

I went downstairs and went into a dark side room. I looked at a patterned rug. A green fuzzy fruit with spikes, but not sharp, rose. I tried to bring it to my mouth but it slipped away. I tried three more times before realizing that it was the fruit of the gods (Greek gods popped into my head) and that no mortal could eat it. A dragon then rose and it spit fire. It changed into a zombie, skeleton dragon and rose away.

I went back into the main room. I sat and looked at my hand. It turned black, and Darth Vaders glove popped into my head. I didn't want to be cooped up anymore, so I went outside. I saw a plant and it just looked very nice. I touched it gently and felt warmth. I thought it was the plants life force.

I came back in and watched "yellow submarine" It was almost the last song, the one about Love and I loved all my friends then.

We finally went outside and walked around. I saw the stars and they were beautiful. We walked and I looked at the street lamps. The viper image came in my mind. I then looked away and the spot when you look at lights a long time stayed. I chased it because it looked jewel like to me.

We went into Albertsons and walked around. I smelled the flowers and they smelled divine and looked great.
WE then left and I went with my friends driving to get beer.
(I don't drink though). I looked out the windows a bit and the street lamps looked like they would hit the car but then zoom off. I saw some other street lamps and they just looked like orbs of floating light.

We got back to his house. I went to the mirror. My face
became a Pablo Picasso painting. My nose went to the side and my eyes went weird.

I then went downstairs and went to sleep.
I woke up feeling great and I see things now that look beautiful that I would have shrugged off before.

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