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This was my first experience using mushrooms.

This was my first experience using mushrooms. I was at phish in rosemont illinois, we were walking aroun the parking lot when my fried pops some e and takes a hit of acid, we go into the show, then we start sparking a few up, all the people around us were giving me stuff to smoke them up, one lady got a vodka lemonade for me and one guy gave me a hand full of shrooms for a smoke up. so i figure what the heck, mgiht as well pop a few, i take a few, dont relaly feel anything, so i finish them off, after a little while, i started feeling the lights spinning , and moving and getting blurry. by this time the guy flippin was pretty into it also, i was jsut swaying with the music. having a great time, so then after teh show we wlaked out, and this guy wit ha crazy grin on his face is like im flying im flying, and he was edging down the wall, and hes like im gonna fall. he mustve been having a horrible trip, so me and my freind kinda laugh, and hes like "hhahahahahha" in this crazy face. we got out side, and walk around looking for vendors. suddenly this kid that looks like the lead singer from rage against the machine is like , "mushrooms" relaly quiet, i look at him, and hes like "MUSHROOMS" im like you got some? hes like yea h follow me, so i get them and i pay, and i scored a new sack for next weekend. ill never forget that trip down to rosemont

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