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Phat March Break

I've been planning on shrooming for the past 6 months, but have never had a chance till March 16, 1998.

I've been planning on shrooming for the past 6 months, but have never had a chance till March 16, 1998. I had bought about 2 grams of shrooms a couple days ago. I wasn't sure when to do then, cuz I have all week cuz I have March Break. My friend had done them a couple days before, and said that the shrooms were pretty shitty. So I was kinda disapointed. SO I decided to pop them in at like 11am. My parents were at work. The first time I had done shrooms, they kicked in in like 20 minutes. 11:45 comes rolling around, and I'm getting real mad cuz nothin' is happening, except for the music being alot cooler. Then my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go to his place cuz they were gonna smoke some herb. When I was talking to him the chair in front of me started moving closer and closer. So I knew that they were kicking in now. SO I was walking to his place and the thoughts in my mind were pretty weird, like I was saying to my self how there are little shroom men all over making sure all the shroomers were all right, like they looked out for us all. But you don't notice them unless your on shrooms. So I'm in his house now and this cereal box got my attention, it was so colourful and stuff. His house is the best place to trip at, his wallpaper is the best. I keep going to this one wall to see why it kept changing colours. Then he put on some Mase, the music felt really good. I was in his kitchen, and the fridge was moving with the music, his whole kitchen seemed to be moving. We went out back where they smoked some budd and I was standing in his garage and his dog came in, he started eating his food, but the noise of him eating was so funny, I thought I was gonna die laughing. And it seemed like he had to head either. Then we went back inside to his room. I was looking outside at thought that I had finally seen a shroom man. It was really a hooded sweat shirt that was blue hanging on a pole, but I knew that it was actually a shroom man looking out for me and my other friend that was on it too. Then I realized, that anything that w as the colour blue was actually the little shroom men . I felt so happy at this point. There was several times during this trip that I was So happy I was gonna cry. Then we decided to go to this other guys house, I was at the end of my peak now. We were walking down the street and I saw these two kids playing with these little cars that they can sit in and drive. The next real car that that went by looked exactly like the little minicars. It looked as if it was speeding real fast, tn took a turn really sharp but smoothly. Then when we got onto that street, the car came back and it looked really big. When I walked up his drive-way I felt like a little old granny delivering something. I started coming down now. All that was cool was his ceiling that I looked at for a bit while lying on the floor. It was an awesome experience, expecially the dancing kitchen stuff. I can't wait to do it again. I found that 2 grams maybe a smidge more is perfect for me. Happy Shroomin' everyone


P.S. Oh, and remember, don't worry, the shroom men will take care of you. No need to panic when you get into a "sticky" situation.

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