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Perfect Clarity

Dose: extract of 3g Peganum harmala seeds drunk followed 45 minutes later by 1g dried cubensis taken neat Onset: Slow and smooth.

Dose: extract of 3g Peganum harmala seeds drunk followed 45 minutes later by 1g dried cubensis taken neat

Onset: Slow and smooth. Gradual and subtle. Hypnotic.

Pre-THC: I remember two words to describe this state distinctly coming to mind...

*Perfect Clarity*

-- A remarkable state. Content. Subtle shift in awareness. Decidedly different from cubensis alone. Relaxed. The harmine did not exert as much of a sedative effect in combination with the tryptamines, and by the same token the tryptamines did not exert as much of a stimulating effect in the presence of harmine. At least that is how we felt for the first two hours or so. I remember thinking that I could drive a car if I needed to without problem, even though reality was quite different. Still in control. Few words were exchanged, probably due to unremovable smiles.


Post-THC: Wow! Spoke too soon. Hello intensity. Reality flipped. No way I could drive a car now... I remember feeling almost sadness at the time because I had lost that perfect crystal clarity. I was quite unsteady on my feet climbing down the mountain in the dark. Overwhelmed and holding onto rocks to stay up.

Post-Sunset: Sitting on the ground in the middle of the desert. Ground cold, air cold. Fully immersed in the experience. The whole thing took on a real southwestern-desert-Mexican-Indian feel to it at this point. Spent a lot of time (well, at least it seemed like a lot of time, who really knows?) thinking about Maria Sabina and the villages Wasson visited in Mexico, etc. I felt like on one those old wise Indians sitting there cross-legged in the desert with the cacti around me. I felt aged (much older than 22 anyway). This entire part of the experience was very intense. Nothing in my gut except syrian rue and fungus. Mind spinning. The strobe lights from the planes overhead bouncing everywhere. I was truly HUMBLED before the sacred plants!

Post-Desert Afterglow: Uncontrolled ecstasy finally gives way to comfortable bliss and rapture. Ego returns but reality is still fluid. Boundless joyful energy. I spent the remainder of the evening in a supreme state of perfect goodness. Boundaries dissolved. Easy to look into others' personal makeups. Their problems and concerns all standing clearly out. I felt invigorated, enlightened, refreshed. Love pouring out of me. Nurturing, healing love. Words were clumsy and futile. It was a struggle for me to be social. Glad to be warm and inside. Still amazed at how the harmine directed the experience. I wouldn't call it synergy, but it is a decidedly different state. The afterglow was superb. Music was wonderful to hear. Delighting in existence.

Now here the next day: This experience set me up for a good while. My mind is clear and I look forward to Palenque. This was my first great entheogenic experience like this in some 6 months. My first rue/trypamine combo, but probably not the last. Intense but rewarding. I learned a LOT! It was certainly a day of lessons. Here a full 24 hours later, I'm now starting to feel well grounded again, back to normal. I feel content with this experience for the next couple of months. Time to integrate what I have learned. New chapter of interesting memories and visions added to my bank. I feel I matured somewhat yesterday... it was a remarkable, beautiful day. And that desert sunset will remain etched into my brain for the rest of my days.

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