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party after party

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sir tripsalot@hotmail.com

well this very special night was in the makings for litterally a year.But thats because it was my friends birthday and he always throws an annual party.The party started at about 7pm and people were showing up in groups for a long time,we ended up with 75 people there.it was his 17 birthday and we charged everyone 15 bucks to get in.We had enough beer for everyone and coolers for girls and plenty of vodka and becarti etc.

The party was great and with some of the left over money my friend was able to buy 2-3 grams of primo B.C mushrooms for 5 of us.This mushroom trip may be a little differnt since we had at least 9 beers each throughout the night.Well about 40 minutes later I felt the little tingle of excitement you get when you know your starting to feel high(This was the 3rd time I had shroomed).

The more I felt the mushrooms coming on the less drunk I felt,this was a really weird feeling cause you feel like your trading being drunk to being high on shroomies.The host of the party david, was in his house getting some matresses for some good friends who were sleeping over.So me,Liam,and Chad(who was a first time shroomer)decided to go check out davids chicken coup,he doesn't live on a farm he just has it for fun,well it was a fun idea.We just stood there looking at them chuckelling a little bit,but liam did something that caught me by surprise,he started pissing all over one the chickens as he insulted it,i laughed so hard i thought i was having a heart attack,especially when the chickens attacked the one who was peed on.This was the first time I had been near animals while on shrooms and it was very intersting,you really appreciate it as a living creature almost trying to think whats going in its head (apparantly liam wasn't at that part of his trip.)

We caught up with David and by this time we were all pretty fucked up laughing like crazy.we wanted to walk up to a store but about 1/4 way there we felt we had been walking for so long and were a little concrened about the high traffic area we were soon to reach,to add to that liam went in the middle of the road and started playing with his pager.I ran and grabbed him after shouting his name a couple times he almost got hit by a car,at that point we were positive we should go back.During the whole trip me and Chad kept repeating a song that was stuck in our heads wich was du hast by rammstein(really we only keep saying du,du hast,du hast mich. But it never lost its humour no matter how many times saying it)everytime we repeated the phrase it felt like we were on familiar ground,almost a way of keeping us from being paranoid of going insane it kept us on the same page of thinking.As we headed back to daves chad put his arms in his sleeves cause he was cold,we started calling him a german prostitute for some reason,probably because of the rammstein singing.

we got back to daves and went to the back shed where th party was(its as big as a 3 car garage)and in the dark looked at the mess from our primo party which wasnt that bad(the mess).we sat back on some sofas and smoked a cigar me and chad on one and dave and liam on the other.but then liam did something that kinda pissed me off,he went and turned on the lights,but we got him to turn them off pretty quick.Well they were feeling fucked up but wanted more so we proceeded inside to see if the drunks had weed(of course they were passed out and couldn't answer,and we are not theives ) i think it was about 4am.to my surprise and paranoia one of the drunks was sleeping where i was supposed to be.i look back and cant believe how scared i was to just roll em out of my bed,i was positive he would wake up and want to fight or something which i was in no state to do.30 minutes passed by and i decided to go to the washroom,i look in the mirror,my eyes were completely black there was no colur part(this kind of scared me).By then i had gotten brave enough to roll the drunk out of my bed and lay down.When you have a room full of shroomers all it takes is a little noise to set off a 20 minute discussion or laugh session,which is very bonding cause you dont have that seriousness like with pot.by this time i was coming down but never really sobered up till the next morning.Next time i want to halluciante cause i didn't do much of that at all.

this was a truly great experience and being with people you TRUST is the key to having a great trip.

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