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Park antics

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Took 3.5grams of shrooms with a friend and went to a park. They kicked in after 20 minutes, it was my 3rd time taking shrooms. My friend and I sat in silence staring at trees in the dark and I was slightly nauseus, I felt very blank and like i'd crapped my pants, though that was actually just the wet ground i was sitting on. 20mins passed and i was feeling panicky, i was seeing red and green dots fly around and everything felt and looked sparkly. Then a dog
ran up to me... this actually did happen, and i was frightened and couldn't understand this happening... I was frightened. Then my friend helped me a lot, he came out of his initial shroom stupor and started talking, we went and sat in a kiddy playground and talked about school and ambitions and dreams, and my trip really became fun, i still felt like i was sitting on dung but it was all so good and i felt open like i was a part of the park of the nature.

My friend and I totally forgot who we were, and had to remind ourselves that we were human males and were in a park in Vancouver Canada. I looked at my hand and saw an orange, and as my trip subsided realised i'd been trying to peel it for three hours, after we finally peeled the orange and eaten it we walked home. And the empty aftereffects kicked in

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