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Panic to Cartoon Joy

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My friend kept repeating the wise words of the late, great
Douglas Adams: "Don’t Panic!" as I tried to morph myself
into the corner of his sofa, covering my already closed eyes
with my arms to block out every bit of incoming data that
was flying into my brain.
"I wanted this" I kept telling myself. I grew these little
Mexican fruits myself, cared for them like a cat does her
kittens. I certainly hadn’t grown them to decorate my
Christmas tree. No. I wanted to trip. And tripping I was. I
wanted my Mommy.

I had brought 5 grams of Mexicubs to my buddies house where
I had expected to eat a gram or so and watch he latest cut
of a film we were working on. I ate half the 5 grams and
forty minutes later, after a brief wave of very slight
nausea, I was feeling waves of panic rattle my brain. I was
quite impressed by my shrooms. They tasted great! My friend
loved the taste of them as well, and was surprised at the
strong buzz he was feeling (he had done shrooms once
before). While he sat watching TV and enjoying a mellow and
relaxing level one, I was somewhere in level two. I first
noticed that all the shadows in the room had become 3D.
Every plaster crack, every stain (that I had never noticed)
was accentuated. The TV was pounding my brain and I began to
get a warped sense of time. I wanted to get under the covers
and sleep in the dark. A single scene from the movie felt
like an eternity. Than we put on a baseball game and things
became more positive as the blackness of the trip became a
technicolor wackiness. The post game interview was like a
cartoon. The bodies of the people on the show were out of
proportion with each other and all the colors were bright
and had the texture of plasticine computer graphics. A woman
on a commercial became child actor Gary Coleman with a
blonde wig (I swore it was some Saturday Night Live spoof!)
We then decided to go outside and take a walk (this is in a
lively section of a major US city) and we sat at an outdoor
café. It was amazing! I sat in awe as every person who
walked by was to my psylocibe effected brain a cartoonish
example of the uniqueness of humanity! They had all become
walking caricatures!! All had their dominant features
exaggerated like computer generated cartoons. I wanted to
stay there all day and enjoy the pleasure of the human face;
the human body in all its diverse shapes and forms. We
yapped about the state of the world and drank coffee and
shivered in the very uncharacteristically cool May air. I
took a taxi home and felt it would take forever. At home my
apartment seem much larger but I was coming down. I had one
more wave of panic attack (I have had bouts of panic attacks
in the past, though very few of late)

I slept deep was tired the next day but felt like it was a
successful, if not always pleasant trip. I will always
remember the healthy warning by the spirit of the shrooms
"Do not take us for granted! We are not weed!" Respect them
I will always and I look forward to my next trip (not right

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