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Our Own Little World

Well, this was the first time I had ever taken shrooms, and I was just pumped.

Well, this was the first time I had ever taken shrooms, and I was just pumped. My friend Crystal and I drove downtown to the mall, where we met her friend, who had the mushrooms. He said they were REALLY good, and since he's a pretty heavy duty druggie, we were pretty happy. We got back to her house, where her other friend Heather was waiting for us. We sat in the kitchen, and divided up the three grams. (One for each of us). We just ate them raw, and although Heather complained about the taste, I didn't mind it at all. Then, we put on some pajamas, and walked to the main street in Crystal's small town. We went to the local pizza shop, Godfather's, and we sat outside on the picnic table and talked to Crystal's little bro' and his two friends. Then, a couple minutes later, Crystal started laughing hysterically, and she couldn't stop. Heather's stomach started to hurt alot, and I was just watching them, not feeling anything. Me and Crystal decided to go get a slice of pizza. As soon as we walked into the shop, the bright lights went nuts and I started laughing at the worker. She must've thought I was nuts, but I couldn't stop. I finally got my pizza, and came back outside where we just kept laughing and laughing. We walked around with her brother a bit, and for some reason, he was the funniest person in the world. He knew we were tripping, so he kept talking, and doing strange actions to make us laugh at him...and let me tell you, it worked. He started walking really slow, and making slow arm movements, and it made me feel like I, too, was moving in slow motion. After a while, the boys left and we were on our own. We decided to walk to this guy's house who had a party that night. When we got there, there was like 5 people there, and they were all hung over, laying around and one girl was barfing in the bathroom. For some reason, it didn't matter, and me and Crystal were in our own little world. Their living room was soooo happy, I can't explain it, but all you shroomers know what I'm talking about. The walls were BRIGHT green, and the fan was going superfast, and it was all unreal. The guy turned on his TV and it was this guy playing a guitar and singing some alternative song. For some reason, Crystal said he was the devil, and we started making this weird high-pitched noise, curling up into little balls, and our faces were all scrunched up. We finally managed to change the channel, and it was Tom Green. Heather wasn't paying any attention to us, she was just walking around, rearranging the plants, and the lamp because nothing looked right to her, and she was just really confused. We just laughed at ourselves for a while, then we had to walk home. We decided to put on a movie since Crystal's parents were asleep upstairs, and they wouldn't hear us giggling. I picked out the first movie I saw, and it was The Mask. It was the funniest movie you could ever see on shrooms, cause his body stretches out in weird ways, and there's all kinds of little cartoons everywhere. After a while, I decided to write my friend a note, so she could understand how I was feeling. I was writing really fast, and my writing was all over the place. I felt like my arm wasn't even attached to my body, and I couldn't control where it was going. Then, I felt like I wanted to draw her a picture, so I drew this picture of a human eye, with a huge pupil. I guess that's how my eyes probably looked!! Well, Crystal and Heather fell asleep, but I couldn't, cause everytime I closed my eyes, I would see the green face of Jim Carey on a slinky just bouncing around at me, and it was pretty scary. I had to turn the lights off, and watch TV until I was so tired that I HAD to fall asleep. Well, that's about it, and if you want a great movie to watch while tripping, go for The Mask, trust me.

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