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I've read so many of these trip reports and have got quite a kick out of them.

I've read so many of these trip reports and have got quite a kick out of them. Guess it's time to report on one of my memorable ones. It was back in 1983 I think. I drove down to Ohio University to visit a friend of mine who went to school there. I took my girlfriend with me. Her sister went to school there too. I had pre-arranged with her to score me a 1/2 once of shrooms. I recall driving down and anticipating the whole experience. I had tried shrooms 2 or 3 times before and really enjoyed them. They usually made me laugh like crazy and always seemed gentler than the acid. I remember on the drive not stopping to eat because I really wanted to get down there and consume some of my fungi friends. This was probably mistake #1. As I rolled into town, I picked up a six pack of beer to help wash down the crunchy treats, mistake #2. After greeting my friends Im sure it was only minute before I was chuging brew and downing about an 1/8 cubies. My buddy ate about a gram and my girlfriend stayed straight. My friends apartment was kinda cool. It was an old converted barn. It was really funky. You could tell that they added the second floor into what used to be a big open barn because the windows stretch all the way from the second floor down to the first. Anyway, it was the first time I had seen it and my buddy showed me all around. I remember feeling that intense rush coming over me rather quickly when those shroomies started to hit. I wasnt used to this. Like I said, all my other shroom excursions has always been mellow. This wasnt mellow. I remember my friend asking me to go downstairs and see the rest of the apartment including the downstairs neighbors place, which I did. This is where things really started to get crazy. I remember walking down the stairs to the downstairs apartment and it was like I was walking down a long narrow cave. I looked into the room and all I saw what looked like a bunch of cave men sitting around a fire. This freaked me a tad. I told my buddy I had to get out of there which we did. I told him what I saw and he laughed and said it was only his neighbors sitting around on their couch talking. Could have fooled me. OK, it was time to get back to his apartment upstairs. I remember worrying about getting too far from his apartment but we were only downstairs. We went back up and sat down. I told my girlfriend what I saw, she laughs. My buddy puts on a mellow record album to try to calm me down which it does. I sit down on the couch. I realized there are a couple new people in the room now. A girl, which I had met before is sitting across from me and there are a couple guys (one is my friends roommate) now standing in the kitchen. I get up and join my friend with talking in the kitchen. For some reason I get the impression they are all shrooming as swear I hear them talking about shrooms. I blurt out "you guys shrooming too?" like an idiot. Of course they wernt and they start to ask how we feel. We had a nice laugh about the cavemen. Anyway, I remember chugging some more beer. I sat down on the couch and the girl sitting next to me gets a green face and I start to find it hard to look at her. At the same time I start to feel very very sick to my stomach. I feel like I'm gonna barf and dont want to blow my cookies all over the place. I stand up to run to the john.... and..... whammy. The next thing I remember is hereing all these voices telling me to wake up. I here my girl friend screaming and people saying "what happened, was he shot" and oh shit, he's bleeding like crazy from his neck. I hear all this going on but I'm paralysed, blind and quite dazed. I slowly come out of the fog and get to my feet. I still havent realized what I have done. My girlfriend is absolutely freaked. Later she tells me that she though I was dead because she heard this crash, turned around and I was lying motionless on the floor, bleed.

The guys start to convince me that I had just passed out and had fallen head first into one of those funky windows that went all the way to the floor and had sliced a hugh gash in my neck and chin. Actually I was lucky I didnt chop my head off. No one ever did see me actually hit the windowground, not that they would have been able to catch me anyway. Quite a few people thought someone had shot me through the window. Even some people downstairs were wondering what was going on. I didnt feel any pain and at the time didnt think it was true I was all gashed up. They had to drag me into the bathroom so I could see the rather large laceration in all its blood and glory. Ok, get me to the hospital. I believe you. I remeber a couple guys dragging down the stairs becuase I kept passing out on the way. Someone gave me a dish towel to hold on my neck so I wouldnt bleed all over everything. I remember sitting in the front seat fading in and out. I thought I was bleeding to death. I kept telling my girlfriend (someone must have slapped her because she is no longer freaking but is only sobbing now), that I wanted her to keep talking to me so I wouldnt loose conscienceness. I though I might never wake up. Anyway, they finally got me to the emergency room. They quickly escorted me to the exam room and were asked to leave me there. The Dr asked me to show him my wound which I did. All this stuff is very hazy but I vaguely recall hearing the Dr say "call the police" and I immediately start saying "oh oh dont call the police, I just fell down thats all, blah blah". I really think I 'm out of it at this point. They lay me down on a exam table ask me to keep applying pressure and then tell me that I would have to wait a little while becuase there is someone in worse condition then me that they have to work on. Turns out some guy had gotten his teeth bashed in during a bar fight. I recall hearing all kinds of gurgling sounds as they worked on him. I cant remember how long I waited there. I kept my eyes closed and sat very still. I started going over in my head all kinds of scenarios. I though that they had taken my blood to do a drug test and was thinking up my story to my parents. I had all kinds of delusions like police searching my friends apartment for illegal substances. I remember my coat with the shrooms in them that I left there. I was wondering if I would end up looking like my neck had a zipper for all times. It was odd but after I while I actually started to feel very comfortable. All warm and cozy as long as I didnt open my eyes, move or have to talk to anyone. The Dr and nurse finaly finished with the poor teeth guy. Later on I would come to believe that when I heard the Dr say "call the cops" he was referring to report the bar room fight that the guy had lost his teeth in. Anyway, the nurse comes over to me and says "hey, are you awake" as my eyes are still closed and im totaly motionless. I grunt yes. I heard the Dr say "he's gonna need some plastic surgery". By this time I had already seen my life pass before me so this was no big deal. He gave me a coule jabs of novocaine. I didnt flinch. I didnt know where the pain was. I knew it was there in my chin but I could really find it if that makes any sense. He left and came back a few moments to later check if I was getting numb. I didnt tell him this but my whole body felt numb. He ask if I could feel him stick me, I didnt but for some reason I said yes, it still hurts. I guess I started to worry that he would start stitching and I would remeber what pain felt like. He gave me another injection and went away once again. Again a few minutes he's back again and stitching me up. He also says he is doing some plastic surgery. He could have been playing tic tac toe on my face and I wouldnt have known the difference. Im still tripping rather hard. Anyway, a few minutes later and he's done. It's actually been about 3 hours now. They sit me up and ask me, ok, now how did this all happen? I tell them I got drunk and passed out and put my head through a window. They tell me that a couple hours ago I was insisting I had fallen down on the sidewalk. I'm just beginning now to get a clear concept of time again. I'm finaly led back to my friends in the waiting room. I recall the my buddy's roommate asking the Dr if I could have any pain pills but no luck. We get back to the apartment. I remeber laughing about the whole experience as I tell everyone about the fun I had just had. I thank my friends roommate for getting me to the hospital. Im pretty much down now but it's too hard to sleep. Sleep finaly comes a couple hours later. Next morning we take it slow. On the car ride home I have to come up with some lame idea to explain to everyone why I have 20 stitches in my neck and chin. I forgot what it was. Couple weeks later me and a few other friends munch the remaining shrooms. No beer or empty stomach this time and im much happier. You live you learn.

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