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one shroom

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well, ive wanted to shroom for some time now, and my chance finnaly came this spring (i never got around to wrighting my trip before) all my friends know i use drugs alot, so one day, my friend came up to me and is like hey, i got something special for you and im like its probably gonna be weed, but he takes out this bag with the biggest mushroom ive ever seen in it, it was tan with blue spots on it, and what looked to be gold glitter on the cap. so he explained to me what it was like, but i didnt believe him. so i bought them and on my way home i ate the mushie... i ran into a cuple of my friends who were high, and they wated to smoke me up when i said i was on shrooms, but i declined. so im walking home and i start to notice the strangest things: a blade of grass all diffrent from the others, a red leaf, a small chipmunk, all these seemed really interesting for some reason. so i get home and go to my room, my moms out for the day and my 2 sisters are home and they dont mind me if im high. so i start to sit down and then boom, it hit me, everything got cloudy and seemed grey for a minute, but everything was so colorfull too. i was looking at my walls and they began to pulsate, and the beams across my cellng began to dip and melt... then i rememberd what my frend told me to do: watch the simpsons... so i did... and i thought i was going to die from laughing so much! i culdent stop laughing at the faces people made and such on the tv... the i decided to wander around my house, noicing every little corner of everything that i never looked at before, or in that kind of way anyhow... i had to take a piss, but it took me a while to undo my pants wich proved to be most challenging... then i hear footsteps and im like shit, its my mom, but luckly, it was my little sister, she come over to me and asks if im alrght, i tell her im fine, stare at her for second, and then hit the floor laughing at her... it was great... than all of the sudden, i had the urge to run. i ran about 3 miles non stop (for me thats alot unless im being chased by my friend the G master or the cops)i finnaly stopped nar local park and sat under a tree as i felt myself melting into th earth and the wind penetrating my body ten i got another burst of energy and ran some more only to stop at my friends houses, at this time it was dying down and i just felt really rested and good...i wish i didnt runand just chilled on my porch,but theres always next time... if anyone knows what kind of mushroom i took, email me at hokkuspoccus@aol.com
note* listen to the song Control, by Poe when tripping... youll thank me later!

thanks for readng my trip report and i hope you too have fun tripping!

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