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i had recently purchased some shrooms off my friend.
i was supposed to wait for him the next morning, but i couldnt sleep.these were light caps , and very dry.
so, i decided to eat one single mushroom.hell never nitice one missing, so i ate it and waited.i began to feel it come on.i wont go into detail, but that night i had a really good trip.i cried and i laughed, and i wondered whether i wanted to continue with trying to grow these myself(i had jars half colonized)and my cat was giving me these funny looks.i had school in about four hours too.anyways, i had a good trip off one mushroom.About three inches tall and a half inch cap that still hadnt broken the viel.A light dose is often much more fun than dealing with a mind blowing ,overwhelming 3 4 or 5 gram dose. i only ate about 3/4 gram or so. if your having bad reactions try a lighter dose, after all, i think of it like this, if you have a headache you only take enough medicine to make it go away. a whole bottle would only make things worse. so use just enough to get where you want to go,and just keep it safe, man.


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