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One Indian Girl

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First of all, I had been anticipating this trip for MONTHS.
It didn't look like it was going to even happen, when some mushrooms came my way. I gladly accepted, and four of my close friends were ecstatic that they'd finally get to trip.
It was a first-timer for all of us,except for one guy who was very experienced with all types of substances.
We chose a hot spring day to go hiking on. We hiked down into the canyon, and ate the shrooms deep away from everything, except for tons of trees, flies, bees, and a dried up creek. We went our separate ways, but I stuck by my darker half, Emily.
As the shrooms took their effect, I never experienced major naseau, or a bad aftertaste. I sat down on the creek rocks and indulged in euphoria. Emily was freaking out, but I surprisingly remained calm. I specifically recall long periods of time where we remained completely catatonic. Only one word comes to mind when remembering this world-strange.
At one point, I was sitting on this tree. I was frozen in a stiff, branch-like position. Suddenly, I became the tree. This connection brought tears to my eyes. I still feel that this srong, breathing, alive tree was trying to bring something to me. The leaves and bushes around me whispered gently. I can never put the beauty of a tree into words.
Later, I had the feeling I should read through my poem book. As I took it out, I noticed a peacock feather I had put in it earlier. I was mesmerized by the way it moved. As I picked it up, and passed it before my eyes, I changed. At that exact moment, I became a young ,13-year-old Indian girl. I took off my shoes and proceeded to clinb the rocks.
Which was very hard to accomplish, considering how catatonic I became. I wonder if I tapped into something genetic, because my great-grandmother was half Indian.
I loved everything that shrooms brought to me, but I feel that my subliminal fear kept me from fully letting go. Next time, I would like to trip at night under the stars. And trust me, there definitely will be a next time. I will never look at a tree the same way again.
Here are a few fun facts on my fellow trippers. Then I promise I'll be done:
My French base buddy:1/8-Climbed to the top of the canyon and stipped naked while peaking. Proclaimed his evolving freedom and joy to the birds.
My comedic white-guy:1/8-Finally grasps the meaning of "The lizard king".
My nomadic explorer:1/8-Becomes a violent Enlishman.Is able to easily justify anthing.(I'm gald I didn't bump into him.)
Emily, my darker half:half an 1/8-Repetitive "Is it really this loud or am I really this quiet?"
Forgive me for the time, but I felt the need to detail an unforgettable experience. Shrooms have a lot to bring to everybody.

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