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Now I Understand!

I grew some good fellas myself.

I grew some good fellas myself. I got enuff to try them for the 1st time. I made sure that my wife was asleep so that she wouldnt bother the hell out of me while I was tripping. I whized about 4 in a blender with some OJ. I drank up on an empty stomach. I laid down and watched some TV. I felt a slight buzz 1/2 hour later. I thought that I didnt take enuff. I went and are a smaller one that had aborted growing. I sat back down and about 30 min later I felt like checking on my shroom terrarium. I went over and opened it up and looked over a casing that I made about 2 days ago. I started to feel really funny. As I looked over my setup, I started to feel really high and one fat shroom cake that I had sitting on perlite started breathing. I jumped back. I was all emotional and stuff. I looked at it again and the cap that was still a bulb started to wiggle around and dance alittle. I stood up and went into the bathroom. My pupils were big as hell. I then started to feel REALLY high! I couldnt beleive how high I was. I started to laff and had to do it quietly, but tat was ok. I started to make funny faces in the mirror I almost died laffing at myself. my sides were splitting over what i usually consider dumb shit. I decided to get out of the bathroom and walk around our tiny apartment. I started to feel really restricted because I didnt want to wake my wife. I walked into my bedroom and got scared of the dark, so I cut on the light in the closet were I grew my shrooms. I opened the terraru=ium and started talking to the shrooms. I told them that I now understood the power that they possess. It was weird! I fanned the shrooms and closed the rubbermaid tub. I then heard my dog moving around in his kennel so I went over and told him how high I was. I told him that I wished that he could feel like I was feeling. I went back into the bathroom because I felt safe there. I played in the mirror and mooned myself. I giggled beyond my control and I decided ! it was time for me to draw. I tried to draw my hand on my schetch pad and I had a hard time and gave up. I was sitting on the toilet and felt uncumfy. I put away the sketch pad and started to wake my wife and tell her how cool my knees felt. But being the anti-drug type, it wasnt a good idea so I left her alone. I went to bed and toyed around with my closed eye hallucinations, then I fell asleep. It was cool as shit!!!!!

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