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Shroomie Chocolate Lolly-Pops

Ever want to do somthing different with your fungi? Dislike the taste of fungi? Like chocolate? Read On...

Ever want to do somthing different with your fungi?
Dislike the taste of fungi?
Like chocolate?
Read On...

Materials needed:

  • Some form of meltable chocolate. Chocolate bars, Chips, basically anything that will re-solidify.
  • Preferred Chocolate/Candy Mold. You can get these at Wal-Mart's craft section or where ever you can find them.
  • Pop Sticks. These are the sticks for the pops
  • Double Boiler or Getto rig or Microwave (preferred in that order)
  • Shrooms
  • About 10 Minutes
Ok you've got all of your materials.

1) Do a test run with your chocolates if your not sure how to make molds (meaning without the mushrooms.) This way you are familiar with the process when it really counts. This way you'll also know how much chocolate, makes how many molds, so that when you mix the desired weight of shrooms into the chocolate, you'll know how much magic will be in each chocolate.

2) Read the directions on the molds for making them but its pretty simple and this recipe can be used to make other types of molds rather than chocolate ones (other shroom candies like sugar based lolly pops.)

3) Heat water in the double boiler so that its hot but not boiling. Put solid chocolate in the dry upper container and allow it to slowly melt. Grind up the shrooms into a powder (coffee mill or pulverize any way you can) and mix well in the chocolate to distribute.
----You may also use a microwave to melt the chocolates

4) Spoon or funnel out chocolate shrooms into molds and twirl the sticks in. Put it in the fridge to cool off and in about 15-20 minutes they are hard and ready to eat.

You can store them in the fridge, wrap them in tin foil. They will last for quite a while, but you will be tempted to eat them quickly.

Here are some mold examples found on the net, less expensive ones can be found online, or an ice cube tray can be subsituted.



Have Fun and dont eat to many, you dont even know your eating mushrooms!



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