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Mushroom Cup-A-Soup

A great way to eat mushrooms - and apparently it doesn't have a big impact on their potency!

Wanna get those shrooms down without tasting anything? Mushroom Cup-A-Soup can't be beat! Just mix your powdered shrooms with your favorite flavour of Cup-A-Soup, add water, and steep for 10 minutes. Any flavour should work, and you won't taste a thing!

Now, about this heat destroying psiloc(yb)in business... I've shroomed maybe a dozen times, and my two most powerfull experiences have been from preperations that use heat. The first was a cup of Mushroom Earl Grey, and the second was a cup of Chicken Noodle Trip-A-Soup. Both were very powerfull experiences which came on fast. The second was... wow... Most powerfull experience I've had yet, and that was only 2 grams dry! (And kept in the freezer for 2 months, if that has anything to do with it...)

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