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Not Passed Out

On May 9th at 8:00 pm i took i gram of syrian rue resin.

On May 9th at 8:00 pm i took i gram of syrian rue resin. 8:40, 8 freshly harvested mushrooms + one hit of acid. I Arrived at a friends house who was painting the dark side prism on the front of his car, it was very well don. Anyways, the onset of the trip occured driving. We went around town to a few stores and eventually got back home around 9:15. 4 of us went for a walk around the neighborhood just enjoying the wonderful night, me and one other friend tripping. It was dark at this point but looking into the sky at the clouds was quite fun. The clouds were morphing on and on, trees were growing and waving. My thoughts were quite random and confusing. Back at a friends house we went inside there another friend started drinking. This drunk person would set the stage for the whole night. He was a very good storyteller and told us stories about ourselves and our nature as people. It was interesting, after smoking a bowl we went outside and had 2 containers of Nitrous oxide. Me and my other tripping friend had most of ours and the drunk guy got a hold of one somehow. He fell to the ground as we all did, but he didn't get up. We got worried after a minute and tried to wake him but he didn't wake up. Watching his face was freaky, he was constantly grinning or chuckling. We were scared out of our minds, i couldn't comprehend what was happening, the only thing i knew to do was to wait. After 10 minutes he got up and started to walk around. We tried to find out what happened but he pretended to not know anything. Turns out he was not passed out, but he was lying. I wasn't as pissed of as i should have been, considering how freaky it was. That was a turning point, that happened probably around 1 am, and after that the trip was pretty much over. A very fun and enlightening trip, it put our friendships to the test.

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