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Cannon's Capsule Tek

Another technique on how to turn your shrooms into easy to handle capsules.

I don't know about you, but I really don't like the taste of shrooms. I've tried them every which way too: fresh, dried, on cookies, dipped in honey, with peanut butter, in tea etc. Tea is pretty good, admittedly, and a lot of people go that route, but it's somewhat of a hassle in my opinion. So, I did some looking and came across Journey Man's Tek. for mushroom ingestion which uses gel caps. It sounded perfect, so much so it seems that he's even selling the supplies. But being either McGyver-like or cheap I usually build it myself, if I can. So, I found some Vitamins in my fridge that used gel caps and emptied them out. I tossed some shrooms in my coffee grinder, hit the switch and turned them into a fine powder. Now the hard part. Getting the powder into the caps. For my first go-round I had enough powder for about 16 capsules and just did it by hand by pressing the caps into the powder. It was tedious. Believe me, if you've got two ounces of shroom powder you won't want to do them all by hand. That's 112 capsules. You'll want a capsule filling block.

Materials you will need:

A drill with a 21/64" bit
A block of wood that is 3/4" thick
Sized Double "OO" Gel Caps (Health food stores)
A round (unsharpened) pencil that just fits in the long part of the gel caps - for tamping
A Coffee Grinder
Shrooms - 1/2 gram per capsule

Begin by drilling the holes in the block of wood. Drill them all the way through. You can put them pretty close together and easily fit 25 holes in a 5"x5"x3/4" block. You want about an inch of border space for moving the powder around.

I had an old knick-knack shelf that I knocked the ends off of and kept the small shelf part on, using the back of the thing as my capsule block. That way I have a little backstop, which also functions as a stand for later use:

(Ready for filling - shroom powder on left in 1/2 pint)

As you can see many more holes would fit in this block of wood, but I like the extra room for whatever reason. Now, once you have it drilled just deburr the holes and blow it off to get rid of any sawdust and it's ready to go.

Pull open the caps and place the longer ends into the holes in the block. They should be almost perfectly flush with the top of the block. Pour a couple of spoonfuls of powder over the holes and then move it around with a credit card until all the caps are full. Then use the pencil to tamp the powder down. Don't do it too hard or the caps could split at the bottom, but they can be pressed fairly firm. You will get the feel of it. Repeat until no more powder will fit into the caps.

Since this block has the backstop on it, I turn it (slowly) on it's side to make putting the caps together easier:

(13 filled caps - one with the other end on it)

(Same 13 from the back)

Push a cap from the back, a little way through, and place the small end of the gel cap on it. You should be able to just press it a little then, and pull the entire cap out. Close it the rest of the way, and place it into your jar.

After about an hour the 1/2 pint jar of shroom powder in the first picture, above, turns into the following:

(63 caps, in case you were wondering)

I put a small amount of desiccant in with the caps just to keep moisture out. In the jar above, is the standard shroom drying agent, Damp-Rid, that you can at most any hardware store or ShroomMart.

On a triple beam these caps, filled, weigh about exactly 600mg, and with the gel cap that is 500mg of shroom powder - or 1/2 gram. As long as you use the correct gel cap size "OO" and fill them well, they will all be 1/2 gram doses.

Not only is this method convenient, easy to dose, easy to swallow, it is also easy to conceal. They can be put in any vitamin container and nobody will think twice. Just be sure to label the bottle somehow. They can be stored in a cabinet for years without any noticeable potency loss. Also, to take note of is that this method of ingestion seems to produce less nausea in those individuals that are sensitive.

Cannon 1999

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