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Journeyman's Capsule Technique

This technique covers storage, ingestion, and even how to build your own capsule stuffer!

This technique eliminates several problems with mushroom dosage,storage, ease of use and convenience.

The best way I have found to ingest Magic Mushrooms is grind them upin a coffee grinder and pack them into capsules.

Here's the details:

1) Using a VERY ACCURATE scale, weigh out 5 grams of cracker-dry shrooms.

    A bullet reloading scale (available at gun shops, ~$30) measures inGRAINS.

    There are 15.43 grains in one gram. Therefore, 5 grams = 77.15 grains.

    A reloading scale will measure down to 1/10 of a grain very accurately.

2) Using a coffee grinder, grind your shrooms to a very fine powder.

3) Using a capsule-filling board, stuff 10 size 000 capsules full ofthe shroom powder.

    A capsule-filling board is made from 1" thick wood, metal or plasticwith 10 holes drilled in it.

    These holes are made using a 25/64" drill and a drill press. Drill the holes deep enough so that the top edge of the body of the capsule is flush with the surface of the board when thecapsule body is dropped into the hole (with the open end up).

My board required 0.895" deep holes.

Drill another hole 1/8" diameter all the way through the boardin the center of the 25/64" holes.

TIP: Drill the holes in a 3 x 3 (+1) pattern ~ 1/2" apart, NOTa single line - makes filling a LOT easier.

Place a size 000 capsule body into each of the 10 holes.

Pour the shroom powder into the capsules until they are all full.

Using the back-end of a BIC pen, or a pencil, or a dowel of the correctdiameter to fit into the capsule opening, pack down the shroom powder tightly. CAUTION - if you press too hard,the capsule will break.

Once you have all 10 caps packed down, scrape up some more powder anddo it again. Keep this up until all the powder is packed into the capsules.

Once the caps are all packed, place the caps onto the capsule bodiesand press down until some resistance is felt.

Turn the board up on its side, and using a piece of coat-hanger wire(or something similar) push the caps out of the board by pushing the wire GENTLY into the 1/8" holes.

Press on the caps to make sure they are completely closed.

What you have now are 10 capsules filled with PRECISELY 1/2 gram ofshrooms each!

If you want, you can weigh a handful of empty caps, divide the totalweight by the number of caps and you have the average weight of one cap. Weigh individual stuffed caps, subtractthe average weight of one empty cap and that's how much shroom powder the cap is holding. In my experience,caps filled using this technique are close enough to 1/2 gram to BE 1/2 gram...

The advantages are that you'll be able to control your dosage in exact1/2 gram increments. All the capsules will be of the same strength because you mixed up all the shrooms during the grindingprocess. This alleviates the problem of some mushrooms being stronger than others.

Storage: Place the capsules in a Ball or Mason jar. Fill the jar with CO2 (the CO2 is heavier than air, so it will stay in the jar). Screw the lid on TIGHTLY (with the rubber seal against the glass) andstore in the refrigerator. Let the jar warm up to room temperature before opening, so there won't be any condensation.

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