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Not a good experience

I had wanted to do mushies for a while and finaly got some the otherday.

I had wanted to do mushies for a while and finaly got some the otherday. I bought an 8th ounce and hurried home. As soon as I got home I downed the whole 8th. I sat at my computer listing to music for awhile not feeling anything and I started to wonder if I had been ripped off. After about thirty minutes of not feeling anything I went upstairs and laid down on the couch becuase I was feeling alittle sick. I laid there for about ten minutes stareing out the window when suddenly I realized the branches of the trees were all waving around in opposite directions. I went outside to take a closer look and realized I was feeling even sicker. When I got outside the branches had stopped waving and instead the trees had turned a dark puprle shade. I was feeling really really sick so I went back inside. I went back down to my room and laid down on my bed. I looked down at the sheets and noticed extremely intracit patters in the sheets. Then the trip really started. Strange multi colored vortexes formed on my posters and started swirling around. I was feeling to sick to bare it anymore and went to the bathroom to try and throw up but failed. Everything in the room suddenly stood out. It was like I was inside a magic eye poster. I layed on my bed feeling sick for hours and hours untill I came down. It wasnt an enjoyable experience becuase of the sickness.

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