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Physical Effects of Mushrooms

A compiled list of effects that psilocybe mushroom can have on the body.

After ingestion:

  • emptiness of the stomach feeling
  • involuntary/voluntary muscle spasms (usually the arching of the back and bending back of the shoulders as well as tilting of the head)
  • visual distortions, such as the breathing effect of walls and the movement of still patterns (especially geometric, complex or striped patterns). trees and nature especially exhibit a flame or vortex, twisty type characteristic when viewed.
  • feeling of vertigo
  • numbness in the limbs, especially in the legs.
  • moist, numb feeling in the lower abdomen, like you just pissed your pants.
  • outlining of distant objects(skies look as if they're painted on)
  • red shift in vision.
  • colors seem more vibrant and alive
  • uncontrollable smiling and laughter
  • increased sensitivity to touching (especially touching objects with interesting textures or finishes)
  • increased perspiration, hot flashes
  • tiredness or overall lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • auditory distinctions are much more sensitive (enjoying music as if you've heard it for the first time).
  • constant peeing, with urine exhibiting a foul odor (like burnt rubber.)
  • sensitivity to taste, textures and temperatures in the mouth.
  • dilated pupils, overall look of tiredness.
  • closed eyed visuals (usually geometric, complex patterns, nature and/or cosmic oriented, etc...)
  • redness in the skin in certain areas, sometimes accompanied by itching.
  • auditory hallucinations (a constant high pitch in the background, hollow metallic noise, like your inside a metal tunnel, or some other "broken record" occurrence.)
  • increased heart rate
  • acute vision
  • nausea and/or dizziness
  • upset stomach, cramps
  • weakness in the knees
  • nervous euphoria
  • confusion on the onset
  • slight drunkenness when walking or moving
  • teary eyes, especially when yawning
  • manic energy, indecisive judgment in looking for something to do or get
  • trouble understanding how to operate machinery
  • tongue, throat and breathing seem to tightly integrate with the though process
  • strange feeling around teeth
  • feeling of extreme lightness
  • weird feeling around nose
  • vomiting, after which is usually accompanied with intense open-eyed hallucinations
  • a "wah, wah" feeling in your body, like your being bombarded by some kind of kinetic force.
  • heavy philosophical rambling, like you're a college professor talking to a room full of students, especially profound with high doses.

Compiled by Soochi

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