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Cheap and Easy Drying Without Desiccant

It doesn't get any simpler than this... best for short-term storage (up to 2 months).

I have listened to all the ranting about what temperatures are to be avoided and how long it takes to dry in a desiccant box. I've got one heck of a nice and quick way to dry shrooms without hurting the content of the alkaloids by any appreciable amount!

You need the following things: a black T-shirt, a "clip up" work lite with a reflector dish (available for around six dollars at most good hardware stores) and 60 watt bulb, and some paper towels.

Take your guys and lay them out on paper towels (you only need to use one layer of towels). Next take the black T-shirt and place it on top of the 'shrooms (black is used because it transfers the heat from the bulb better than other colors, plus it keeps light from possibly degrading the alkaloids). Now clip the light fixture on any handy object so that the reflector is about 18-24 inches from the T-shirt. Turn that puppy on and in 24 hours or so you will have cracker-dry shroomies!!!

I dry around 50 fat Amazonians at a time with this method, and never could tell any difference between fresh or dried potency (taking into account 90% weight reduction for the water loss of dried shrooms)!

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