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More Efficient Drying Technique

Here's some tips on how to dry and store shrooms more efficiently.

This is a little tip sent in by one of our shroomie friends. I've got a little bit to add. You can buy unused tea-bags at most health food stores that all you have to do is put your material in and seal with heat. Also, glass jars are far superior for drying and storage because plastic can let air in... even if it's tightly sealed. -Aphex

I noticed the MMGG suggests keeping dried mushrooms in a Ziplock-type plastic bag, perhaps with a shot glass full of desiccant inside. Of course, it points out that you have to be careful not to spill the glass inside the bag.

This strikes me as rather silly; why not instead have a bag of desiccant that cannot spill? I'm sure you know of the little desiccant bags that come in pill bottles. A good way to emulate such a scheme is to fill an emptied tea-bag with the calcium chloride you use for drying, and then re-staple it closed and store it with your mushrooms. I keep them in a jar, but it would work just as well inside a sealed plastic bag.

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